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Medical Marijuana Limit Now 3 Pounds in Santa Cruz County

Sheriff Mark Tracy was repeatedly praised by members of the Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM) for viewing the medical marijuana limit in 'medical' terms as opposed to 'legal'.

Tracy recommended that a board of physicians determine the limit.

Following the physicians' recommendation county counsel drafted an ordinance which allows for medical marijuana users to grow '3 pounds of dried product' per year in a garden up to 100 square feet.

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The Board voted unanimously to pass this ordinance which supercedes the state limit.

WAMM members called the ordinance 'a good start' that will need modifications, one change being the language change of '3 pounds of dried product' to '3 pounds of dried buds' since many people do not use leaves as medicine (although WAMM does).

Valerie Coral of WAMM pointed out that the Medical Marijuana Proposition 215 received more votes than most elected officials.

County counsel was unsure of how the law would be interpreted, for example, if a card holder was found in possesion of 3 pounds in May and 3 pounds again in November. Attorney Ben Rice also felt the ordinance needed to address growers like WAMM specifically.


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Re: Medical Marijuana Limit Now 3 Pounds in Santa Cruz County

pulp hemp not trees. one acre of hemp equals four acres of west coast rainforest and the hemp paper is of higher quality in the sense that it last longer(1000) years as compared to 100 years for tree based paper. the fact that it can medicine back to life entire rainforests to sustainability proves it is a medicine. it has quality in rope, farmers sacks, earth bags, oil, clothes such as jeans, sails, tea, even vehicle bodies etc. the fact that it cures numerous aliments in people is also a fact of the truth of its magical medical qualities. so get real and legalize hemp also as part of the organic method of liberating the earth. this culture is thousands of years old causes planetary liberation.


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