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Free Radio Raid on Indynewsreal

An eight minute segment on the Free Radio Santa Cruz raid is part of October's Indynewsreal
Santa Cruz Indynewsreal plays twice a week on Community Television with a new show produced each month.

Channels/times are:

Channel 27 in Santa Cruz
Channel 73 for South County


SATURDAYS at 6:30pm
Channel 26 in Santa Cruz
Channel 72 for South County

October’s segments include:

Swing State Freedom Fighters
This eight-minute segment documents 23 Californians who spent four days traveling via the Green Tortoise, an adventure travel charter bus, to work in the swing state of Arizona. They spent their days and nights urging swing state voters to register, signing residents up to vote-by-mail and engaging students at Northern Arizona University in the small mountain town of Flagstaff, AZ. The group's impact has easily affected the vote by the 500 + voters whom they registered and signed up to vote absentee. Producer: Kathy Bisbee

On Wednesday, September 29, armed federal agents seized the equipment and antenna from our beloved 10 year old pirate radio station – Free Radio Santa Cruz. This segment documents the action that day and the community’s reaction and their support of the station. Producer: Lisa Mastramico

Call to Media Arms
Two minute indymedia "promo" produced by Portland Indymedia.

“Unemployment Line?
Hundreds of people create a mock unemployment line in New York City during the Republican National Convention to protest the failed economic policies of the Bush Administration. Producer: Lisa Mastramico


Santa Cruz Indynewsreal is an independently produced show on Community Television that compiles segments made by and for the people, not the corporations. The show offers a venue for expressing a different point of view than we often see in the corporate, investor owned media. We are looking for current reports of people and organizations taking action to educate about, and work towards, progressive social, environmental and economic justice. Contact us at indynewsreal (at)

Check out our election show premiering the day after the "elections" on Wednesay, November 3rd!

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Re: Free Radio Raid on Indynewsreal

You should air this segment at the Gadabout Film Fest, if there is time.

Re: Video of Free Radio Raid at Gadabout Film Fest

There is definately time for this video at the Gadabout Film Fest!

FRSC Raid Video from Santa Cruz Indynewsreal



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