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News :: Arts & Culture

Hiroshima Day, Art Slide Lecture by Artist Mark Vallen

Artworks clockwise: German Expressionist Felix Nussbaum's 1940 "Self-Portrait with Jewish Pass"; Mark Vallen's 1982 anti-Nuke "There Goes My Career"; German Expressionist Gert Wollheim's 1919 "The Wounded Man"; Atom Bomb survivor Takakura Nobuko's vision of a civilian melting in atomic fire; Vallen's 2001 "I Am Not The Enemy"; Vallen's 2003 "Not Our Children, Not Their Children" (published in the book, Peace Signs).

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LOCAL Interview :: Arts & Culture : Poverty & Urban Development

AUDIO: Todd of Funk Plastic live from Free Radio Santa Cruz

Todd and I met one beautiful day in Santa Cruz; we were both hanging out and having fun on Pacifc Ave. Todd is from the Portland area and went on a tour from Seattle to Santa Cruz. He is working on a book of guidelines for street performers. It was May 31, Food Not Bombs was serving up a top notch vegan stirfry, soup, salad and mixed fruits while Todd was getting down right funky, really tearing it up, on his buckets. Later in the evening we met up at the Free Radio Santa Cruz studio. ( 12 minutes / 5.5 megabytes )

Audio: Download the mp3

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LOCAL Commentary :: Arts & Culture : Police State : Poverty & Urban Development

How To Pick A Street Performer Spot

What makes a good spot to perform on as a street performer, or “busker?� There are several layers to that question. I will address the interpersonal human etiquette side of performing spots, or “pitches,� as they are called in street performer lingo, in another article. This is about the actual physicality of choosing street performer spots. For a successful show, one needs a spot where traffic passes, to gather a crowd. But the spot must also not interfere with the businesses around you, or police will be invoked. Obviously, the spot needs to be situated in a way that the sidewalk is maintained as a functioning passageway, while the area around the spot must have the capacity to hold an audience. You need to think, “Could this spot hold about 30 people without interrupting sidewalk flow or access to the doorways of the surrounding businesses?� This may sound difficult, and looking for good spots does consume a lot of street performers’ time, but it can be done. You’ll find a set back doorway of a closed business. Or some placement of planters, benches and payphones that you can exploit as some kind of street performer feng shui.

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News :: Resistance & Tactics

Edwards adderss, hope is on the way???

Edwards on terrorism; you have no where to run, no where to hide!

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News :: Peace & War

An accurate definition of the enemy

No enemies? Oh, if it were only true. But until then, what about those guys who are trying to kill us ---the Americans, that is.

Remember September 11th? Those guys! Guess what? They still want to kill us. You can think up all sorts of reasons why they SHOULD want to kill us. But it's kind of like the beaten wife who tries to think of all the good reasons why her husband beat her. And she resolves to keep a cleaner house, bake him his favorite chicken-pot-pie and to not talk back to him, ever again. You see?

We (in the Peace movement) are kind of like her. We want to say that September 11th was an angry response to years of US exploitation of Arab countries. And that we deserved it somehow. And if we only stop our colonialist US hegemony and vast exploitation of Arab resources ----Golly gee!! Peace will break out all over. Those grateful Arabs will beat their swords into plowshares and Halliburton can just go begging.

I hate to break it to you. The Arabs don't want our aid, our technologies, or our peaceful commerce. They want to kill us. Convert or die.
That has always been the message of Islam to anyone who is not Islamic. Sure, Sure there are a lot of peaceful things too--but those rules are for how an Islamic should treat another Islamic. There are a different set of rules for how Islamics must treat infidels.

Remember that on September 11th, there was spontaneous dancing and celebrations in Gaza and the West Bank. While Americans were crushed, burned, or dropped to their deaths -- the Iraqis and the Palestinians danced in the streets.

They still dance and celebrate every time there is a grisly suicide bombing inside of Israel with massive loss of civilian life.

Daniel Pipes, a pro-Israeli writer, has written on the findings of the 9/11 Commission and how they characterized the nature of the threat facing America today.

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News :: Police State

Racial Profiling at Democratic convention, feds detain man at march

Audio phone interview by George of Free Radio Santa Cruz of VJ detained by secret service & boston cops during march & rally on 07-25-04 also interview with his lawyer.

[ Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3 ]

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media

Fault Lines: 2nd Issue of Indymedia Newspaper Hits the Streets

SF Bay Area Indymedia's new newspaper, Fault Lines, has hit the streets of Santa Cruz.

Pick up a copy at the following locations in Santa Cruz:

IMC Space - Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos (1817 Soquel Ave)

Saturn Cafe - corner of Pacific and Laurel

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LOCAL Announcement :: Environment & Food

San Luis Obispo County Submits over 12,000 Signatures to go GE FREE

SLO GE Free submitted to the County Clerk-Recorder 12,091 signatures supporting a November ballot initiative regarding genetically engineered (GE) crops. Signature gathering began on the afternoon of May 12 with less than 50 volunteers. That number grew to over 100 people who have spent the last six weeks all over the county from health food stores, to beaches, farmers markets, churches and city sidewalks asking county voters to give themselves the option of keeping our county free of genetically engineered crops.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

US-Mexico Borders: Stop Chasing Migrants to Death

There is a serious problem going on in the Sonoran Desert, at the Mexican-American border. Due to extra reinforcements at traditional urban (illegal) entry points, such as San Diego and El Paso, people are being forced into the deserts now to make the crossings. One human rights volunteer said, "The Border Patrol, as planned, went on to push them into the deserts, where the risk increased exponentially." And we are seeing record numbers of dead from this. For the last 5 years, we have seen a 261-mile-long stretch of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona become the most deadly immigrant entry point. The ground in the Sonoran Desert can reach 130 degrees before June. August, the most deadly month to cross, is coming up next month. Although most people start this trek across the desert with only two gallons of water, they actually need a gallon of water just to survive walking five miles in 100 degree heat. One of the illegal entry paths entails a 50 mile walk on ancient trails in the desert. Many people walk for days in 100+ degree heat to try to enter the US illegally. This year, before the start of the worst season, 4 undocumented immigrants have died in New Mexico of heat exposure, and more than 72 have died in Arizona. More undocumented immigrants have died this year in the border crossing than ever before. Last year's numbers also broke records.

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Commentary :: Arts & Culture

Solitary Practitioners in the Protest Movement?

A "solitary, solo, or sole practitioner" in the pagan world, is someone who works, spiritually, alone, and not with a group or coven. The solo practitioners are embraced as part of the overall pagan community, but they work alone, for a variety of reasons. I understand the necessity for coalition building and alliances, but I wonder if there is not room for something like the "solitary practitioner" in the protest community as well.

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