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MoveOn's Campaign To Aid Sudanese

Genocide is underway in Sudan.

The contrast in our government’s response to Sudan and Iraq is striking. Bush was willing to buck the United Nations and spend $200 billion to invade Iraq (most recently for humanitarian reasons).

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media

Ride Shares to FCC Hearing

Cars and riders encouraged to join us at Holy Cross Church (126 High St.) parking lot off Mission St. on Wed. July 21st at 3:30 PM.

Cecile is organizing Watsonville drivers and those needing a ride.

To electronically submit testimony go to

Call Ann at 831-423-6355 for more information.

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News :: Globalization & Capitalism

Why Local Activists are Turning their Attention to Lockheed Martin in Bonny Doon

weapons-inspector.jpgA newly-formed coalition in Santa Cruz is turning its attention to Lockheed Martin, which has a 4000 acre facility in Bonny Doon. Lockheed Martin (L-M) is the world's largest weapons contractor. It invents and develops high-tech war-fighting weapons, markets them to the Pentagon and to Congress, and sells them around the world on the open market. It pollutes the earth, both in the production of weapons and in their use in war. It has been convicted and fined for criminal violations of US law. And yet it has much more say about our government's policies than do ordinary citizens. Lockheed Martin buys access to our government representatives, largely with money it has made from selling weapons to our government, weapons that are both subsidized and paid for with our tax dollars. Profiteering from War.

Local Weapons Inspectors to visit Lockheed Martin in Bonny Doon on Friday, August 6

Santa Cruz Weapons Inspection Team

For More Information on Lockheed Martin:
[ Direct Action To Stop The War I Arms Trade Resource Center I Counter Punch I Open Secrets I Corporate Swine I Corp Watch I War Profiteer Cards ]

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Commentary :: Arts & Culture

Chemical Coolness: Anti-Capitalists in Makeup and Hair Dye

I am trying to figure out why so many of my friends who are eco-conscious, anti-capitalist, and anti-authoritarian, wear tons of toxic chemicals and corporate beauty products in the form of hair bleach and dye and face makeup. The pollution created from the making of the toxins on many an anarchists' head is equal to an SUV's pollution, I would guess. I do not believe all of the counterculture is buying bio-friendly hair bleach. Does that even exist? And I also know that a lot of the counter culture is buying cheap hair dye, full of toxic chemicals not only in the dye itself, but in the output in pollution in the making of those hair dyes at chemical factories. Additionally, most punks and anarchists I know cannot afford the designer organic face makeup available in health food stores. Many of them use cheap chemical cosmetic products, such as Maybelline. But even "health" products are made in polluting factories. "Tom's Toothpaste" makes it sound like he is making that stuff in a stream in his backyard. But I have heard from people who have visited the town Tom's factory is in, and Tom's toothpaste is made in a factory, polluting like all factories do. I have been trying to figure out for decades now, why buying a bunch of chemical crap from corporations, then smearing it on your face, is considered radical or anti-establishment in any way.

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Commentary :: Poverty & Urban Development

Homeless Kids and Their Parents Vs. The World

I wanted to say, “Yeah, capitalism sucks! Power to the People! Eat the Rich!? or *something* to let that kid know that the shame was on the part of a rich, capitalist America that lets its poor go hungry and homeless, not on the poor. It is corporate greed that is responsible for homelessness. He did not need to convince me that his mom worked 24/7 just for them to survive. I know poverty is more than a full-time job.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

BTL:2-Decisions Find Israel's Security Wall Violates Rights of Palestinians~

~Interview with John Quigley, professor of law at Ohio State University conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

BTL:Senate Committee Slams CIA on Pre-Iraq War Intelligence

~Report on White House role in manipulating intelligence delayed until after election~Interview with author and former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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Announcement :: Arts & Culture

LA's Journal of Aesthetics and Protest #3 out now!

Downcoast in LA, the Journal of Aesthetics and protest issue 3 is thinking up ways for a long-term sustainable activist/creative culture. Check it out at

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Announcement :: [none]

TELL THE FCC! ¡DIGALE AL FCC! July 21 in Monterey

radio_fist.jpgWhat's Wrong With the Media? Want More Media Diversity? More Local Programming? Less Commercialism?

Only opportunity on the West Coast

The FCC is the government body charged with regulating Radio and TV for the good of the public.

Join Media Alliance and friends from across the state to help make the case for greater media diversity, local content, and local ownership. We need your participation and support to ensure that FCC Chairman Powell and the FCC Commissioners get a full sense of Californians’ concerns about the quality of our local media and that they cannot ignore our proposals for fostering a more just and accountable media system.

Download the english/spanish .pdf flyer

¿Cuál es el problema de la prensa, de la radio, de la televisión? ¿Usted desea más diversidad en los medios? ¿Más programas locales? ¿Menos comercialismo?

Unica oportunidad en la Costa Oeste

El FCC es la agencia del gobierno encargada de regular la radio y la televisión a favor del bienestar público.

Ride Shares to FCC Hearing

Previous Coverage: FCC Coming to Monterey on July 21

[ Court Rejects FCC Media Ownership Rules I "Revise or Justify" I A Media Activist Guide to the Federal Communications Commission ]

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Announcement :: [none]

Now or Never for the Biscuit -- Cascadia EcoDefense this month!

With the first auction of the Biscuit Sales (the largest logging project in the modern history of the Forest Service) set for Friday July 16th, it is Now or Never for Oregon's Wild Siskiyous! The sales are not subject to legal action due to "emergency status determination." The "emergency" is that the trees might rot and be worth less money if the process is slowed by public participation and legal action. Protests at the first five Biscuit Auctions on Friday are followed by a camp out at one of the auctioned sales. Events from slideshows to action camps are staking up to culminate August 27th - 30th with the Cascadia EF! Summer Rendevous, also in the Biscuit. On July 30th, A "Summer Celebration of Life" brings together musicians, artists, and activists in a benefit for the Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund; Tre is wanted by US authorities for an alleged arson, and is seeking refugee status in Canada. From July 31st - August 2nd, the Cascadia Forest Defenders and Cascadia Rising EcoDefense will be hosting an Action Camp at the Straw Devil timber sale near Eugene, Oregon. Throughout the next month there will be a hike and camp-out at Medicine Lake, a site sacred to local indigenous groups and threatened by Calpine and Halliburton's development through Bush's energy policy. Mark your calendars now to sing and dance with us as we prepare to defend the Siskiyous and all of Cascadia.

[ Pdx Indymedia Forest Page | O2 Collective (Siskiyou area) | Cascadia RiSiNG! EcoDefense ]


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