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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

Stables Discriminates Against Autistic Children

Stables Discriminates Against Autistic Children - Violates ADA

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

BTL:Israeli Raid on Rafah Refugee Camp Results in More than 50 Dead, and...

..Hundreds Homeless Interview with Maher Nasser, representative of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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News :: Peace & War

Why Iraq The Global Ambitions Behind the U.S. war on Iraq

They said the war was for Weapons of Mass Destruction. But there were none.

They said the war was about terrorism--but no ties to al-Qaida were ever found.

They said the war was to end mass graves--but Bush's troops sent hundreds of Iraqi people in Fallujah to mass graves.


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News :: [none]

"Put People First!" S.C. Protest Against California Budget Cuts

rally.jpgOn March 27, 2004 about 500 Santa Cruzans came together to protest next year’s proposed budget. Projected county budget cuts attempt to compensate for a loss of 7.5 million state dollars by cutting 118 jobs, 80 of which are from the human and health services departments. This lopsided allocation of funds will directly affect programs like Medical, Foods Stamps, In Home Services, and Public Health Nurses. Organizers called for more equitable distribution of available funds.

Santa Cruz County budget hearings will be held June 15 – 25 at 9AM on the fifth floor of the county building and are open to the public.

Audio: Workers Independent News Service (WINS) coverage

In Home Services Slated for Cuts

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

The Independence Day

SAI & SAF; It is only a matter of time, when Finland turns out to be another Nazi-Germany with it police commissioner and his new as well as becoming Police and Enforcement Act.

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Announcement :: Police State

SCP drops lawsuit against Printed Matter

radical group drops lawsuit against arts organization accused of suppressing book

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

They need a bomb and they will get one

Fear & Panic Election show

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LOCAL News :: Alternative Media : Government & Elections : Health & Drugs : Labor & Economics : Poverty & Urban Development : Resistance & Tactics

"Put People First!" S.C. Protest Against California Budget Cuts

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger released plans May 13, for a $103 billion state budget. The governor says his proposal will solve the state's financial crunch without raising taxes. Though scaled back slightly from an earlier plan, the proposal sees massive borrowing, & cuts in education, welfare and public health spending, as a solution to the state's woes. This translates into less money for California cities and county's, meaning pink slips for many essential service providers.On Tuesday, a coalition of seniors, mental health clients, labor & religious leaders and affected workers rallied at the Santa Cruz County Government Center urging the Board of Supervisors to "Put People First," in their upcoming budget hearings. Vinny Lombardo reports...... 2:44
**If used, please credit Workers Independent News Service**

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LOCAL News :: Environment & Food

County votes against Pajaro River Relinquishment

I happened to catch some of the Board of Supervisors meeting in Watsonville yesterday.
The issue was whether or not to relinquish maintenance of the Pajaro River and the Salsipuedes Creek to the state.

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LOCAL News :: Alternative Media

FRSC interview on Media Geek radio show

Interview with Skidmark Bob and V-Man from Freak Radio Santa Cruz from 5-21-04

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