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LOCAL Announcement :: Police State

Critical Resistance Santa Cruz County!

Are you an organizer? A participant? Do you have IDEAS? Are you interested in learning more about the prison industrial complex? Are you already doing work on prison issues? Do you want to start working on prison issues?

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Rule of the Rapists in Afghanistan

"By bringing the warlords back to power, the US has replaced one misogynist fundamentalist regime with another." Mariam Rawi

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

BTL:2004 Presidential Election Campaign To Break All...

...Spending Records Big contributors get what they pay for. Interview with Charles Lewis, executive director of the Center for Public Integrity, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

BTL:Bush Avoids Accountability in Iraq-WMD Blame Game

Interview with Scott Ritter, former chief U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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LOCAL Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : Police State : Poverty & Urban Development : Resistance & Tactics

Journey of Hope in Monterey

Abe Bonowitz, Bill Pelke, and Juan Melendez are on a Journey of Hope, travelling around the country speaking out and educating people about the reality of capital punishment. Bill Pelke lost his grandmom to a brutal murder and initially sought her killer's execution, but he had an epiphany and now works against the death pewnalty. Juan Meledez spent 17 years, 8 months and a day on Florida's death row for a crime he did not commit. He was set free in January 2002. Juan has become an activist, working to end capital punishment. Abe Bonowitz, is with Citizens United Against the Death Penalty. The trio was in Monterey, CA on Valentine's Day for a conference of defense attorneys. This recording is the full, event, as recorded. Unfortunately after Bill Pelke's talk, my batteret was low, so I switched it, but Abe Bonowitz began talking before my recorder started up again. About two minutes are lost.

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Interview :: Police State : Resistance & Tactics

Interview about Camillo Vivieras

An interview on Free Radio Santa Cruz with Lori of Friends of Camillo. Camillo Vivieras is charged with felony assault on an officer and is facing 15 to 40 years in prison if convicted. Charges are stemming from the protests at the RNC in Philadelphia in 2000. Camillo and witnesses to his arrest, say that he is innocent and was assaulted by police. He goes to court in April of 2004. 17:43

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LOCAL Announcement :: Education & Youth


California should not balance the budget on the backs of students! Let's work collectively to protect the quality and accessibility of everyone's educational experience!!!

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Interview :: Civil & Human Rights : Peace & War

Rockin' the Boat: Israel's Wall Brought Before the World Court

On February 23, the Int'l Court of Justice in The Hague will begin hearing oral arguments regarding the legal consequences of Israel’s construction of a wall in the West Bank. I spoke with Ian Williams, UN correspondent for The Nation Magazine, who is currently in the U.K. We discussed the ramifications of the legal challenge to the wall, and also get his take on the US occupation of Iraq, and the Katherine Gunn affair. 29:11

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Announcement :: Resistance & Tactics

Kusumi to activists: Activate This!

Especially for fair trade activists...

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News :: Peace & War

Richard "prince of darkness" Pearl to be on KGO! This will be EPIC!


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