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Commentary :: Government & Elections

smallDems strategY? Combatative or Creative, Tough Fight Against to Dominate or Fair Fight for what IS Right to Nurture

handstoworkheartstogod.jpgKucinich, an honest Friend By, For and Of regular, common working folks, has consistently,steadfastly presented a necessary vision which has inspired an understanding, and burdgeoning realization that his clear plans entail specific actions for Peace, Progress & Prosperity reminding to renew and Reclaim COMMON SENSE of COMMON PEOPLE,COMMON DREAMS, Aspirations motivating UNCOMMON ENERGY TO IN-COMMUNITY CREATE A COMMON DESTINY TO ACHIEVE THIS COMMON GOAL FOR OUR ENTANGLED COMMON FUTURE, by restoring our True Historical standing of Egalitarianism, beacon for Oppurtunity and the happiness of to pursue Life and liberty in a healing Rennaissance Epoch of caring,sharing and courageous daring for sustainable policies from a transparent Sunshine Goverment promoting the Public Interest to advance Domestic wellBEing.

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News :: Peace & War

March 20th call for a Radical Queer/Pink Bloc at anti-war events in Pittsburgh

Resyst is sending this call out to all radical queers and queer sympathizers in our area to join us in Pittsburgh for regional M20 events.

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News :: Peace & War

Many children are victims of Israeli aggression in Gaza

Palestinian children are killed in Israeli incursions.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

Words from the front-lines

American soldiers sound off about the occupation of Iraq.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

JFK 9-11 and the Real America. Absolute must read


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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

BTL:Fruit/Chemical Companies File $17 Billion Countersuit Against...

...Sick Nicaraguan Banana Workers Interview with Kathy Hoyt, co-coordinator of the Nicaragua Network, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

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Announcement :: Government & Elections

Kerry, Edwards...and Ralph?

It's going to be an interesting 8 months.

If you ever want to get a great daily update on the REAL news, opt in at:

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News :: Government & Elections

John Kerry is unelectable

John Kerry is THE richest senator, a man of the corporations!

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Announcement :: Arts & Culture

LadyFest Seattle seeks films/videos

LadyFest Seattle, an arts-based festival, is seeking film and video submissions, including those with political, economic and socially relevant topics.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Labor & Economics

March Fri Feb27 against Taco Bell to support farmworkers

FEB. 27 Rally 3:30 PM at mission st. Taco Bell. To march to Pacific and Laurel Taco Bell. Check out or for local contact peterasmussen (at)

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