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Commentary :: Peace & War

Join the Army: Die for a Lie.


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Interview :: Environment & Food

Sea Shepherds Defend Harp Seals

Captain Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society talks about his 30 years of defending harp seals and other ocean life. Canada kills 350,000 harp seals every year. Paul and other Sea Shepherd volunteers have witnessed and interfered with this brutal hunt. He also answers criticisms and talks about current successes and actions of his organization.

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Interview :: Police State

Eyewitness to an Execution

Chuck Carlson who witnessed the execution of his friend Tom Thompson, discusses why many believe that Tom was innocent. We also discuss how it felt to be a witness to his friend's execution and the dehumanizing process of a death sentence. 42:21 56kbps

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News :: [none]

Homeless Attacks Continue in Fresno

In a coordinated multi-agency attack on homeless encampments earlier this month, the City of Fresno destroyed tents and other shelters used by the homeless community. Reversing a policy implemented a couple of months ago, the Fresno Police Department (FPD) has returned to the tactic of not allowing the homeless to build any permanent structures. With thousands of homeless on the streets in Fresno, and homeless shelters able to provide only a couple hundred beds, a majority of the homeless have been turned into criminals. If you are homeless and can’t get into a shelter, you are breaking the law if you try to sleep anywhere in the city. This new policy penalizes the homeless and criminalizes poverty.

An earlier story provides some background on the situation. Meanwhile, new questions about these attacks on Fresno’s homeless are being asked as Indymedia reporters interview spokespersons from the H Street encampment.

>> Don't Get Drunk in Fresno!

Live interview with Mike Rhodes THURSDAY, Feb. 19 on Free Radio Santa Cruz.

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LOCAL News :: Arts & Culture

"The Last Utopian (A Fourier Fantasy)" Part 8

19-r-owi1s-web18.jpg"The Last Utopian (A Fourier Fantasy)," by local playwright Sue Reynoldson

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

Dean's demise and the rise of the Corporate Media


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Commentary :: Arts & Culture : Peace & War



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Announcement :: Government & Elections

"The Redcoats are..., The Corporations Are Coming! The Corporations Are Coming!!"

integrity is evidenced from his remarks in an interview about sitting in on democratic meetings and seeing what goes on, he said they make all their decisions based on polls ?? "It's Sick", he said. I have a message for these wayward writers who are taking turns, in a deliberate, orchestrated smear campaign to impugn a modern-day prophet and refuse to recognize, and hence INSULT, the burdgeoning grassroots movement arising from the awakened masses. HERE is The Message---this beautiful movement can only be delayed ,Never stopped because it has Founding Father energy and LightWorkers and healers who Love this Land and the principles of Liberty, Equality and Unity and are working very hard to co-create a New Covenant to give to posterity ! We are alive, real and in tune with the higher cause of our existence.

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LOCAL Commentary :: Police State

Kevin Cooper case highlights need to abolish the Death Penalty

While anti-death penalty activists celebrate stopping (temporarily) the execution of Kevin Cooper on California's death row, it has never been clearer the need to abolish the death penalty itself.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

BTL:U.S.-Backed Opposition Parties Launch Armed Rebellion in Attempt to...

...Oust Haitian President Interview with Kim Ives, Haiti Progres editor, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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