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Announcement :: Arts & Culture : Sister Cities

Berkeley DIY Fest - March 6th, People's Park

On Saturday, March 6th, the Barrington Collective in Berkeley is hosting an all day event in People's Park called DIY Fest.

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

BTL:CBS Censorship of Political Ad During Super Bowl Sparks Debate on...

... Media Access Interview with Zack Exley, organizing director of's Voter Fund conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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News :: Peace & War

Israeli attack on Rafah, Palestine

Israelis are found killing, mutilating and destroying in Rafah, Palestine.

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LOCAL News :: Arts & Culture

"The Last Utopian (A Fourier Fantasy)" Part 7

kissed.jpg"The Last Utopian (A Fourier Fantasy)," by local playwright Sue Reynoldson, is being published in serial weekly. Reproduction or production are encouraged with permission from the author. PDF upon request. Site search for "Fourier" shows previous installments

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

BTL:Leading Democratic Presidential Candidates Ignore Issues of...

...Women and Poverty Interview with Gwendolyn Mink, author and activist, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

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Commentary :: Peace & War

Letter from Ramsey Clark to Bush


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Announcement :: [none]

We Will Shut Down the Safeway on Mission St. in Santa Cruz

boycott_safeway.jpgTwo months after Safeway CEO Steve Burd forced 70,000 families to strike against healthcare and pay cuts, the Bush administration appointed him as a presidential advisor on domestic terrorism.

At 5:00 PM on Wednesday, February 11, we will gather at the Mission St. Safeway in Santa Cruz to send George Bush a message:

Healthcare IS Homeland Security…
and Steve Burd is a Domestic Terrorist.

Our peaceful, legal, disciplined, creative action will effectively shut down the store.

HELP US HOLD THE LINE!: download, print, copy, and distribute this flyer! thanks! (.pdf)

Grocery Strike Reality Check >> "Safeway is not entirely wrong and the UFCW is far from being right. The goals of my remarks are (1) to encourage other "progressives" to research both sides of an issue and (2) to introduce economics into the "progressive" discourse. What I'm about to say will be very unpopular in Santa Cruz. As has happened in the past, I will be branded as "anti-labor" when in fact I am speaking up for workers. What we want in the short term is not necessarily good for us in the long term. People will also attack me for not being a true "progressive." What labor leaders want is not necessarily good for us as consumers, taxpayers, or even workers." >> introduction from: Grocery Strike Reality Check

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Commentary :: Peace & War

Is America the new nazis???


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Commentary :: Peace & War

Iraq is on the path to civil war

Iraq is on the path to civil war, and the US put them there.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

Report from Iraq: A soldier speaks out. READ THIS!


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