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Cheryl Koel and Friends Morning of the FRSC Raid

Head U$ Marshall Cheryl Koel gives her statement and gets some fun responses!!!

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Commentary :: [none]

Feeding Vegetarians and Vegans In Your Family For The Holidays

Family get-togethers nowadays can comprise many different diets. Often vegetarians and vegans present special challenges to family members who are not familiar with those dietary preferences. This article is for those family members. A vegetarian does not eat meat, but will eat dairy products and/or eggs. A vegan will not eat anything with meat, eggs, or dairy products. So a vegetarian can eat anything a vegan can eat, but not vice versa. With just a little forethought, these dietary preferences are not hard to accommodate. And your vegetarian/vegan guests will appreciate the efforts that show you cared. Often vegans and vegetarians resent the fact that no one cared about them having access to food that they can eat at family events, and with this little preparation, you can set the tone to be one of inclusion.

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Commentary :: Labor & Economics

How Do We Keep The Middle Man Out of Trade?

It is interesting that most civilizations tend to go from markets where most of the people trade wares with other people who produce wares, to an economic expansion model where specializations begin to occur and third parties begin to interact with services that raise the price of the trade items, artificially inflating the entire community’s economic system.

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

Vote Bush ? Vote Kerry ?

To vote or not to vote ? Vote Bush or vote Kerry ?

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LOCAL Announcement :: Alternative Media : Labor & Economics : Resistance & Tactics

Santa Cruz Indymedia's All Volunteer Statement

In keeping with the original purpose and roots of IMC, Santa Cruz Indymedia looks to the Zapatista model of resistance, in which teachers, members of the good government commitees, and even doctors are not paid, but must organize money for food outside of their activism.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Andrea Prichett gives talk on Community Justice at National Conference on Police Accountability

Andrea Prichett gives talk on community justice and police alternatives at National Conference on Police Accountability

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LOCAL Announcement :: [none]

Concerned Citizens Form Copwatch in Watsonville

Watsonville, CA October 18, 2004 --- Copwatch, a nonviolent group to observe and monitor police activities is being formed by Watsonville citizens concerned about police misconduct and abuse of power in the Watsonville community. Following examples set by other Copwatch groups across the nation, members of Watsonville Copwatch, concerned with the lack of police accountability, will launch observation patrols and "Know-Your-Rights" trainings in order to increase the community's oversight of police activities.

see also: Santa Cruz Copwatch

related audio: Andrea Prichett on Community Justice and Police Alternatives


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Commentary :: Peace & War

Art of War : Chicago Tribune Editorial

Chicago Tribune Editorial

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

CFL Alert: More U.S. double standards in the Middle East

The current rhetoric coming out of Washington is demanding that Syria end its "occupation" of Lebanon. However, not a single word is being said about the decades-long illegal and immoral occupation of the Palestinian people.

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Announcement :: Media Criticism

Wendy Campbell: Film-maker to speak on Pacifica Radio & Website

An interview with Wendy Campbell who discusses her latest documentary "Rosa Remembers Palestine" and her new media company MarWen Media will take place this Wed. at 7pm on Pacifica KPFA radio in Berkeley and will be available for listening as well at the website

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