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LOCAL Commentary :: Peace & War

A People's History of UC Weapons Lab Management

Over the past several decades students and faculty of the University of California, often in tandem with nuclear disarmament NGOs in California and New Mexico, have conducted a series of campaigns to end the UC's involvement in nuclear weapons research, design, testing, and production at the Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore laboratories. These campaigns represent an important contribution to the global nuclear abolition movement, which historian Lawrence Wittner has described as "the largest, most dynamic international citizens' movement of modern times."

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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights : Police State

Agent Walker Found Not Guilty

This morning, a San Jose jury reached a 'not guilty' verdict in the voluntary manslaughter trial of state drug agent Michael Walker. According to a Mercury News online report, a scuffle erupted outside the courtroom when 2 dozen protesters encircled Walker's defense attorney as he adressed reporters. No arrests were made.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Arts & Culture : Peace & War

Last Night Peace Walk (12/31)

almscalif.jpgPeace is not something you wish for, it's something we create, something we do, something we are, and something we give away.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Arts & Culture : Resistance & Tactics

Last Night Un-Planning Meeting Dec 17th

It's our parade. It's your parade. No city-sponsorship. No corporate donors. We make it happen together.

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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights : Peace & War : Police State

Santa Cruz Vigil Against the Execution of Stanley Tookie Williams

On December 12, about 50 people attended a candle light vigil against the death penalty held at the Town Clock in Santa Cruz. The Santa Cruz Chapter of Death Penalty Focus displayed banners that read, "The State will kill Stanley Tookie Williams in your name tonight!" and "Truth Not Vengeance".

Stanley Tookie Williams III was executed in the early morning on December 13 by lethal injection administered by the state of California.

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Announcement :: Health & Drugs

DEA Raids on Thirteen Dispensaries in San Diego

Today, Monday December 12th, federal agents raided thirteen medical cannabis dispensaries in San Diego with the help of the local police and sheriff.

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News :: Alternative Media : Poverty & Urban Development

O2 Dispatches From New Orleans

heyya friends and family! the o2 collective and southern oregon gulf coast relief network are in New Orleans. we arrived only a few days ago, but already it feels like weeks. some of our crew has been writing reflections and observations about our time here in this devastated city. below you will find them pasted in chronological order, different voices bringing you a glimpse of what we are seeing and experiencing in this place. there will be many more updates to come. we hope you can share what we are experiencing with all your friends and family. the world needs to understand what is happening down here. you can also find photos taken by our crew on our website.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Around the World, the Death Penalty is being Abolished

The death penalty is being abolished in country after country. Less than 30 years ago (in 1977) only 16 countries had abolished the death penalty for all crimes, while today the number is 86. More than 60 percent of the world’s countries have abolished the death penalty. Every western European country has abolished the death penalty. An average of three countries per year are currently abolishing the death penalty.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

Call the Governor TODAY to protest the death penalty!

In light of Stanley Tookie Williams's looming death sentence, please flood the governor with phone calls and faxes today. We need to let him know that California's death penalty law is flawed and shouldn't be carried out.

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Announcement :: Labor & Economics

Twentieth Annual Western Workers Labor Heritage Festival, Jan. 13-15, 2006

The Twentieth Annual Western Workers Labor Heritage Festival, honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s contribution to the civil rights and labor movements, will be held January 13-15, 2006.
The weekend of solidarity in an era of war, racism, and hard times features music, drama, visual arts, spoken word, poetry, photography and more.

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