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Local Poets at the Gadabout Traveling Film Festival

On Tuesday October 12, the Gadabout Traveling Film Festival rolled into Santa Cruz for a evening of films, music, coloring books and zine distribution. Local poets got the night going followed by a short video of the Free Radio Santa Cruz raid. It all took place at Barrios Unidos and raised money for Free Radio Santa Cruz and to get the Gadabout folks up to the city.

If you have not heard yet, Santa Cruz has a blooming poetry scene. All of these poets were really great and some really focused in on the attempt to silence Free Radio Santa Cruz.









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Re: Local Poets at the Gadabout Traveling Film Festival

Thank you for having us at the Gadabout Festival! We had a great time and the short films were excellent! Let us know if we can work together again in some way.

Re: Local Poets at the Gadabout Traveling Film Festival

the time is now to get the poets out of the library and into the streets, or at least to the laundromat. thanks bradley and everyone who put together a great shindig. i had lots of fun and was glad to be in the company of so many good poets and good, well meaning and talented folks. The film festival was awesome! thanks everyone!

Re: Local Poets at the Gadabout Traveling Film Festival

...and the pics are great too!
I was very excited and touched attending and participating at the gathering last tuesday. all blended very eclectically and nicely with poesie, film, zines, sugary sweet pastries (although there were juicy grapes and strawberries too), music and coloring books too!
wow all in one night. thank you gadabout, barrios unidos, and all there. may it keep happening. may we not be silenced anymore. sing sing!


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