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Building Bridges Radio: Molly Ivins on Bush & So. Africa Union Federation Sec'y Vavi

Buiding Bridges presents this 29 minute radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEB LINK BELOW
Building Bridges:
Your Community and Labor Report - National Edition
Produced by Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash


Building Bridges talks with the Texas based columnist-author of "Bushwacked" and "Who Let the Dogs In?" who has been covering Bush Jr. and company since he was a scrub. She dissects the dirty deals by which they lie, cheat, steal and kill blasting away at the
flimflam with her biting humor.

Zwelinzima Vavi, General Secretary, Congress of South African Trade Unions
We spoke with Secretary Vavi at the Conference on Global Unionism organized by Cornell University's new Global Labor Institute about the public sector worker's strike in South Africa, labor solidarity in South Africa, and around the world and the need to defeat George Bush from he perspective of workers in South Africa other developing economices.


To download this 28:52 minute radio program

go to Radio4All Download Page below:

Building Bridges is regularly broadcast over WBAI, 99 .5 in the N.Y.C. Area on Mondays from 7-8 PM and streamed

for more information email knash (at)

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