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FRSC Raid Video from Santa Cruz Indynewsreal

On Wednesday, September 29, armed federal agents seized the equipment and antenna from our beloved 10 year old pirate radio station – Free Radio Santa Cruz. This segment documents the action that day and the community’s reaction and their support of the station.

Video: QuickTime movie at 25.8 MB (small) or 53.1 MB (medium)

FCC Raids Free Radio Santa Cruz

Producer: Lisa Mastramico

Duration: 7:13

Size: 25.8 MB (small) and 53.1 MB (medium)

MiniDV to Quicktime conversion and upload by: Barrios Unidos Media Lab

This video is from the October Santa Cruz Indynewsreal

Santa Cruz Indymedia coverage: Free Radio Santa Cruz RAIDED by the FCC and US Marshals

Santa Cruz Indynewsreal


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