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The truth about ""

Bremer consultant opens fake organisation to "inform" about Iraq
A few days ago, I stumbled incidentally about a webpage called "The truth about Iraq" ( On this page, a mostly anonymous "team comprised of experts with specific and relevant experience", lead by Steven Moore, a "political consultant" who "advised" the so called american "ambassador" Paul Bremer about iraqi public opinion, vows to "remind Americans that they can be proud of the good work being done in Iraq by the US and Coalition Forces".

The page consists of the typical republican propaganda about Iraq, but that's not surprising, because Moore worked for Bremer and via that way for the Bush administration. The real haunting fact is, that Moore is much more than "a public relations specialist" ( with private interest in Bush disinformation about Iraq. He gives "1415 L Street, Suite 430" in Sacramento, CA. as the registration address of the page(, but that is not his own apartment, but the place of his business, "Gorton & Moore International". As one can see on this page(, Gorton & Moore (former known as "California Group") has worked for Governor Schwarzenegger, Governor & Senator Pete Wilson and, most interesting -Ambassador Paul Bremer-! I guess from these facts we can conclude that "The truth about Iraq" is a PR- offensive, financed or supervised by the GOP or the Bush- government itself. Moore tries to hide the connection between "The truth about Iraq" and "Gorton & Moore International" by giving "330 Encinitas Blvd., Suite 101" in Encinitas, CA, as contact address. But that dosen`t make ist better, because that place is the office of "Scott & Cronin LLP" (, a Certified Public Accounting firm, which has a branch for "political services", as can be seen at , where Nancy Haley, the political division director of Scott & Cronin , hugs her client Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The truth about "The truth about Iraq" is, that it is a PR- coup with strong ties to or even backup from Schwarzenegger and/or the GOP. Mr. Moore was back from Iraq in May 2004, but he started his page at the beginning of September- early enough to have influence on some undecided voters for the presidential elections?!

P.S. Sorry for wrong orthography or grammer- english is not my mother- language!

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Re: The truth about ""

I love raping and abusing young children for the free world must be freed from evil dictators....
My handlers push my buttons and pull my strings
while they join me
in raping children
and terrible other things
such as
weather control
mind control
crowd control
guns control
er ..just so long as any kind of control
we get high in the sky
on opium pie
and follo the yellow brick road
how deep does the childs anus go?


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