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Wendy Campbell: Film-maker to speak on Pacifica Radio & Website

An interview with Wendy Campbell who discusses her latest documentary "Rosa Remembers Palestine" and her new media company MarWen Media will take place this Wed. at 7pm on Pacifica KPFA radio in Berkeley and will be available for listening as well at the website
Mark your calendars:

* Listen in to an interview with documentary film-maker Wendy Campbell on Wednesday, Oct. 20th on KPFA at 7pm PST, 94.1 FM radio in Berkeley, California.

* Benefit Premiere Screening of ‚ÄúRosa Remembers Palestine‚Ä? is Thursday, Oct. 28 at 8pm at La Pena. Wendy Campbell will be in attendance for Q & A about the film.

Oakland-based Wendy Campbell, Director & Producer of the new documentary ‚ÄúRosa Remembers Palestine‚Ä? which premieres on Oct. 28 at 8pm at La Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley, will be featured as a guest on the famous Berkeley-based Pacifica KPFA radio station this Wednesday night Oct. 20 at 7pm. The show she will be appearing on is ‚ÄúVoices from the Middle East & North Africa‚Ä?.

If you cannot listen in while the show is live or if you live outside California, then you can hear the interview later on the KPFA website which is

In the interview, Ms. Campbell discusses the mission of her new media company MarWen Media ( and upcoming new documentary projects.

Ms. Campbell is pleased to announce that her documentary ‚ÄúRosa Remembers Palestine‚Ä? is already receiving rave reviews from those who have previewed it. In fact, KPFA will be using DVDs and VHS copies of the documentary as a KPFA fundraising item!

Her first film project was ‚ÄúTruth: Exposing Israeli Apartheid‚Ä?, which even though it was low budget and not very high quality technologically speaking, was very well received and was sold to hundreds of people from 47 different states in the US, as well as to people in 7 different foreign countries. The documentary is a collage of footage shot in the Palestinian Territories under the brutal Israeli occupation, speakers who were eye-witnesses to the atrocities happening to the Palestinian people by the Israeli army who are largely funded by US tax dollars, and footage of local rallies for Palestinians‚Äô rights.

Her second film project was ‚ÄúNeturei Karta: Jews Against Zionism‚Ä?, which features a fascinating and informative lecture by the engaging Rabbi Weiss, who is a leader in the Ultra Orthodox Jewish Anti-Zionist organization the Neturei Karta ( He concisely and entertainingly explains in detail the history of Judaism and how Zionism came along in the late 1890s and has attempted to uproot the religion of Judaism and replace it with a racist nationalism, which Rabbi Weiss believes is the exact opposite of Torah-true Judaism. He also delves into the topic of how Zionist Jews manipulate the US media, and he explains how they do it. Footage of the Apartheid Wall that Israel is building in the Palestinian Territories is also featured.

Her third documentary ‚ÄúRosa Remembers Palestine‚Ä? is her most professional and compelling effort to date. This documentary is not just a documentary: it is an important historical document and a tool for political change. It features an interview with a Palestinian woman who became a refugee when she was forced out of her homeland along with hundreds of thousands of other Palestinians in 1948 when the Jewish Zionist state of Israel was created. Rosa was an eye-witness to this tragedy for the Palestinians, and shares the memories of the harrowing experiences she and her family endured at that time, which still haunt her to this day. Included in the documentary are old photos as well as recent footage of Palestinian homes that were demolished by the Israelis starting in 1948, again in 1967 and recently in the last few years showing how Israel‚Äôs ethnic-cleansing campaign against the non-Jewish indigenous Palestinian people has been happening since 1948 and is continuing up to this very moment in time. This documentary will help to make Americans aware of how their tax dollars are being spent in Israel, and may very well be instrumental in convincing fellow Americans to pressure the US government to stop supporting apartheid Israel and change its foreign policy in the Middle East.

For more information on these documentaries and upcoming projects, please check out

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