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News :: Police State


Let's transform the "Recall Davis" campaign into one of "Total Recall" of all Democratic and Republican candidates.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

The Cost of A Lie: Bush's Uranium and the People of Iraq


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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Kristen Ess: The Stage is Set for Ethnic Cleansing

“Look, you can forget about nonviolence. You can tell your friends to forget about violence. Forget about the Road Map and forget about Oslo. What Israel wants is the land and we don’t want you on it.?

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

The Recall - Bay Area Local HR Activist Van Jones helps start

I tried posting this to sf indymedia but they didn't reocate it in the local section - I'm guessing they don't want Arianna to run. But then, we're left with Gray and no revolution from the streets, so . . . . and surprising because Van Jones does important stuff in SF.

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Announcement :: Police State


RedRed, for those who are not familiar, is a latina, Portland womyn who is facing a felony and an absurd sentence of 5yrs on the false charge that she broke a window of the California state building. During the WTO/USDA protests in Sacramento, law enforcement claims that the window was broken on Sunday, when she was

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News :: Peace & War : Resistance & Tactics

THE COST OF THE WAR IN IRAQ - homepage embedable counter + 3 important websites!

Check out 3 new/updated progressive websites -- and a home/webpage embedable monetary "COST OF THE WAR" counter. Good tools especially for progressives. And FANTASTIC, INSPIRING anti-war photos from around the world!

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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

Jury returns in Inglewood CA


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Announcement :: [none]

Santa Cruz Delegation to Cancun

A Santa Cruz delegation is being organized to attend the People's Forum on Alternatives to the WTO in Cancun in September. Meetings are Wednesday evenings at 7pm at the Resource Center for NonViolence.

WTO is the over-arching keystone of the neoliberal global economic architecture, which also includes regional initiatives like NAFTA, FTAA, Plan Puebla Panama, Plan Colombia, etc...

[ Call for Mobilization I WTO Action Meeting Report I Global Exchange's WTO Campaign ]

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News :: Government & Elections

Consumers Win From Pharmaceutical Free Trade Bill

The US House of Representatives passed a bill, HR2427, allowing the average citizen to purchase prescription drugs out of country at a reduced cost.

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Commentary :: Resistance & Tactics

Dear American People, We Have A Duty

We now face a daunting task. An unpleasant and possibly fatal realization now confronts all of us in our daily lives. Many of our most powerful leaders need to be arrested for numerous and continuing crimes against humanity. The longer this action is postponed, the more harm will be done to everyone and everything on earth. No redress of our grievances by them is possible in the current situation.

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