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"Let Me Leave and Be Free", pleads Israeli Whistleblower Vanunu

Since April 21 2004 Mordechai Vanunu has been pleading for his freedom to leave Israel along with telling the Israeli government , and anyone else who will listen: 1. He told the truth about nuclear weapons 2. He has no more secrets to tell.
LONDON (AFP) - Mordechai Vanunu, who was freed in April after 18 years in an Israeli prison for revealing the country's nuclear program, told the BBC in a television interview from Israel that he was desperate to start a new life elsewhere.

"I want to feel free, I'm not free here," said the 50-year-old Vanunu, who on release was subjected to a series of sweeping restrictions, including a ban on travelling abroad as well as holding unauthorised meetings with foreigners.

"The only way to feel and enjoy freedom and start my new life as a free human being will be when I can leave Israel and live my life in the US, in Europe or in London," he said.

Vanunu was sentenced in 1986 to 18 years in prison for "treason" and "espionage" after leaking top-secret details about the Dimona nuclear plant, where he was employed, to The Sunday Times.

"I tried to inform the world and to try to stop this nuclear proliferation," he said on Sunday in the live television interview with BBC's Breakfast with (David) Frost programme.

"My hope was that by revealing the nuclear secrets I would bring new states towards real peace in the Middle East and the abolition of nuclear weapons in all the Middle East," he said.
Write the Israeli government for his immediate release:

Write MK Steinitz to lift ALL restrictions

ysteinitz (at)

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