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Mark Fogel hates the homeless

City Council Candidate Mark Fogel hates the poor, and thinks the current SC Council is doing a great job of "inviting transients to our town". read what this republican candidate has to say in his own words.
"say no to a transient at every intersection by saying yes to Mark Fogel for City Council"


The current Santa Cruz City Council continues to show a complete lack of fiscal responsibility and far too much tolerance for an environment that practically invites transients from all over the country to our town. There is a mania for building more and more low income housing on prime properties while the Council does everything it can to discourage businesses from coming to Santa Cruz. There is only so far a city can go spending more and more on social programs and foolish projects while ignoring the business community that generates the needed revenue for Santa Cruz.

On top of this, the political left has an overwhelming advantage due to University students ability to vote despite their not being full time residents as well as the disproportionate number of city workers who count of big government spending for their jobs.

The lack of leadership and the lack of attention to the revenue side of our city's balance sheet is leading to a lower quality of life, anti-business policies and rising crime, three things Santa Cruz residents can not afford.

We offer leadership, business acumen, cultural sensitivity and common sense values. But the large number of disenfranchised voters need to step forward and say we're not going to take it anymore. Voters... get out the vote for the candidate that will grow the city's revenues and support law enforcement, while reversing the trend of more traffic, more overcrowding and increasing crime.

Voters can make Santa Cruz a vibrant, fiscally healthy and safe place to shop and live, but they must support Mark Fogel for the City Council for this to happen.

Say no to removing properties from the tax roles, say no to turning down jobs and say no to a transient at every intersection by saying yes to Mark Fogel for City Council.

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2 Search Engines To Help Homeless People is the homelessness search engine & poverty portal where you can find resources by state or custom query. Please give this web address to panhandlers and homeless people (they can use free computer/internet at the library). Also, please submit any homeless related websites/URLs so that others may find the help that they need. is the disaster search engine (sometimes people are left homeless after natural disaster, war, poverty/fammine or house fires).



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