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Kennedy ousted from Santa Cruz City Council, Left maintains organizing figure head in federal government

Well the local elections aren't all bad. Below are my thoughts on some positive aspects of this year's elections.
Mayor Scott Kennedy is finally off the city council, and Mark Primack is too.

Tony Madrigal won. The only candidate on the ballot running on a platform giving any sort of acknowledgement in favor of labor, police accountability, and the sleeping, camping, parking, blanket ban. Hopefully he doesn't completely forget about these things now that he is in office, but don't get too hopeful.

Robert Norse and Coral Brune got 232 write-in votes. Showing a significant protest vote in my opinion.

Measure S passed in Watsonville to provide more low income housing.

Measure J didn't pass. So the roads will continue in their semi-working/over-clogged fashion. On the plus side a significant tax burden was avoided for the people of Santa Cruz. But until a better plan is thought of you will pay for it by spending your lives sitting in stopped traffic. Ride a bike if you can :-)

Prop 1A passed so local funds will be more protected from the state.

Sadly Prop 66 didn't pass. More prisons it is.

Prop 63 passed so the drug companies will be richer for now, but the counties and cities can choose to spend the money on more voluntary mental health facilities. Time to pass some city & county measures.

Prop 69 passed so expect your DNA to be taken the next time you're arrested on trumped up felony charges.

Prop 72 failed by a really close margin.

And well nationally Kerry finally had to admit he didn't really disagree with Bush all that much. So we will maintain the more adorable figure to organize around. Maybe proof that direct action is the only way. I'm curious to see how Michael Moore and the anyone but Bush crowd responds to Kerry not fighting for a thorough count of ballots.

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