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Reenact Reverend Billy's Crime Against Starbucks

Well, Reverend Billy finally got put on Los Angeles no less. So, while he's stuck in court, throw on a collar and white blazer, slick your hair back, and rise up as part of the Reverend Billy Mutant Clone Army of Oddness.

Noooooo!Reenact Reverend Billy's Crime Against Starbucks!

Get some bad Elvis hair, a white collar, white jacket and enter a Starbucks store. Deposit information about child labor in coffee fields on the tables. Hallelujah! Feel the Spirit!

As you read this, the Rev is on trial for destruction of property and malicious mischief. But his April 19th laying on of hands upon a cash register, with the help of the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir and LA activists, channeled what all coffee industry monitors have warned: billionaires like Starbucks chief Howard Shultz make money by harvesting coffee for virtually nothing. Cut out a thick strip of white cardboard and seal it over the back your neck with some duct tape: that's your collar. Throw some cement on your hair and wear a white outfit. Now you're a preacher! Have a friend follow you with a video camera. When you get to the store:
  1. Stand outside the Starbucks with that mermaid logo in view, displaying a sign with your town, state and country
  2. Enter the Starbucks and place your fact sheets on the tables
  3. Raise your arms into the air and preach what the Spirit tells you, but make clear that the $4 lattes come from the DEVIL and child mortality rates in Guatemala are soaring
Be polite to the baristas, they're just doing their jobs. Have your fun and leave, you've done your job! Follow these links to info on grievences with Starbucks:
Organic Consumers Association
Global Exchange

Be sure to send a copy of your tape to PO Box 1556, New York, NY 10013. We’d appreciate a note of permission to use your footage in our documentary (for release next year). Hallelujah! See you in the Starbuckses!

questions/comments: 917-825-3562

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