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Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk

The Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk is being organized by members of the International Coalition For A Nuclear Free Future.
This walk will take place from March 12th, 2005 to May 2nd 2005.

The walk will start at the Y12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge Tennessee. This complex is currently producing components for the life extension upgrade of the W76(Trident) warhead under the Stockpile Life Extension Program. W76 warheads are being dismantled, aging parts are replaced or refurbished, and the reassembled warhead is certified to be reliable of 100-120 years.

Last year, Y12 completed life extension upgrades on every W87(MX missle) warhead in the US arsenal. When the W76 work is finished Y12 will begin upgrading the B61 bomb. Y12 makes the thermnuclear part of the bomb. Clearly, upgrading our nuclear arsenal to extend the life of warheads for 100 years violates the US obligation, under Article 6 of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, to pursue complete disarmament "at an early date".

The walk will end at the United Nations Headquarters in New York where the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty talks are being held. It is our stated purpose to bring public awareness to this Treaty and illustrate to those in charge that a vast population of this world wants complete nuclear disarmament.

Those interested in joining this project should contact us at ffpindy (at) for further information.

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