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Prophecy Nov 16 : Osama targets America with nukes

Answering cries for help. Should I, or shouldn't I? Hmmmmm.
I would like to say that I am sorry that I did not answer that utterly desperate cry for help that I received last night. Someone was rudely pushing my door buzzer about ten thousand times in utter despertion, and i thought to myself 'Oh no, not a desperate cry for help. Not tonight." For you see I have only had a couple of hours of sleep each night and here I was hoping for a quiet peaceful night of sleep. And besides I thought for sure it was the Pentagon buzzing me desperately last night, as though they can't even do something themselves for a change, and thought maybe I could do it for them, for you see about one minute after I made my post to the Pentagon last night, someone buzzed my door desperately and rudely, as though they knew for damn sure I was using the Internet and was therefore home, and why didn't I answer the damn door. Now the mood I am in is that when I am walking down the sidewalk and someone else is walking down the sidewalk towards me, I get damned angry, because you know I just hate sharing a sidewalk with anyone or passing people on the sidewalk, and you might feel the same way if you have had as little sleep as I have had this past week. And now here it is Tuesday, and all I have had is 6 hours, which isn't enough to get caught up, so I am still super cranky, and hope that the sidewalks are clear for me today.

I like to get my inside information from Pat Robertson and the 700 club, so that I can find out all the upcoming plans of the Nazis in America. According to a story posted yesterday, Osama bin Laden is planning to use nuclear material against Americans, smuggled into America on a crop dusting plane. You see three mexicans were seen flying to Mexico in a suspicious crop dusting plane, and I am sure they will be back to nuke some place in America, probably the place with the strongest and growing Anti-Nazi movement. As well I can tell that America has a growing anti-Nazi resistance movement in the Muslim community, since apparently there are these bad radical followers of Islam in Boston, according to a story on the 700 club website today, and so perhaps Osama is planning to hire those three Mexicans to use a crop dusting plane to nuke Boston. You can see how I use that 700 club to get intelligence on upcoming Nazi operations.

So I was thinking well do I blow the cover of the Nazi operation, or do I just keep quiet and let the Americans get one really good nuking by those utterly desperate Nazis who can then use one stone to kill a couple of birds, inspiring terror which is what Nazi's do, and also getting an excuse to put out a state of emergency, and then go around rounding up those trouble making Muslims, especially in Boston, if they don't wind up nuking Boston, but then I am sure there are trouble making Muslims everywhere, not to mention any other trouble makers there are in America.

Now it might seem strange to you for someone to even consider letting the Nazis nuke America, but I was thinking due to signs I pick up, that maybe some Americans might need a good nuking by some Nazis, since apparently they need a wake up call, to make them understand that you never ever screw around with Nazis and you just don't make mistakes. You resist a Nazi, even if you lose all your sleep doing so.

then I got to thinking that as desirable as it might be to let those Nazis nuke Americans, and then go after Muslims and anybody else they might want to go after, on the other hand, maybe just telling Americans they are going to be nuked by their rogue illegitmate government and those utterly desperate elite HAVE MOREs might be just about as good as actually letting them get nuked.

Now I am terribly tired, once again getting almost no sleep, so having said this, perhaps it is now time for Americans to start losing sleep worrying about that nuking, since losing sleep is usually a good idea when there are Nazis around as you could very soon be finding out.

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