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Corporate MSNBC Openly Calling For Racist Murder of Arabs

MSNBC 'Imus' Segment Refers to 'Raghead Cadaver'; Islamic Advocacy Group Renews Demand for Apology, Reprimand
MSNBC 'Imus' Segment Refers to 'Raghead Cadaver'; Islamic Advocacy Group Renews Demand for Apology, Reprimand

11/19/2004 12:28:00 PM


To: National Desk

Contact: Ibrahim Hooper, 202-488-8787 or 202-744-7726, ihooper (at), Rabiah Ahmed, 202-488-8787 or 202-439-1441, rahmed (at), both of the Council on American-Islamic Relations

WASHINGTON, Nov. 19 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The Council on American- Islamic Relations (CAIR) is once again demanding an apology from the MSNBC cable television network for anti-Arab/anti-Muslim remarks made on its "Imus in the Morning" program.

In a segment today commenting on the apparent execution of a wounded Iraqi in Fallujah by a U.S. Marine, a fictitious "Senior Military Affairs Advisor" to the program justified the killing by referring to a "booby-trapped raghead cadaver." The fictitious advisor also said the killing provided an "Al-Jazeera moment" causing the "Muslim masses to respond with their routine pack of rabid sheep mentality."

Yesterday, CAIR issued a similar call for an apology for a Nov. 12th "Imus" program that referred to Palestinians as "stinking animals" and suggested that they all be killed.

SEE: Palestinians Called 'Stinking Animals' on MSNBC's 'Imus'

"We thank all those who already contacted the network to express their concerns about the racist remarks and ask that they keep up the pressure until those concerns are properly addressed," said CAIR executive director Nihad Awad.

Don Imus, the program's host, has a long history of controversy over anti-Arab and Islamophobic remarks. As early as 1985, he was forced to apologize for referring to Arabs as "goat-humping weasels." (Sunday Mail, 4/21/85) He has also been criticized for using the derogatory term "raghead." (Accuracy in Media) In a reference to the crash of an Iranian airliner earlier this year that killed 43 passengers, Imus said, "When I hear stories like that, I think who cares." He then stated: "Too bad it wasn't full of Saudi Arabians." (National Iranian American Council)

Earlier this year, CAIR announced a "Hate Hurts America" campaign designed to counter hate speech on talk radio.


CAIR, America's largest Muslim civil liberties group, is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and has 29 offices and chapters nationwide and in Canada. Its mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.

NOTE: CAIR offers an e-mail list designed to be a journalist's window to the American Muslim community. To SUBSCRIBE to ISLAM- INFONET, go to:


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Re: Corporate MSNBC Openly Calling For Racist Murder of Arabs

> "booby-trapped raghead cadaver." The fictitious advisor also said the killing provided an "Al-Jazeera moment" causing the "Muslim masses to respond with their routine pack of rabid sheep mentality."

The more accurate and nonoffensive version would read:
"booby-trapped cadaver with cloth on head." The fictitious advisor also said the killing provided an "Al-Jazeera moment" causing the "Muslim masses to respond with their routine pack of rabid sheep mentality."

Re: Corporate MSNBC Openly Calling For Racist Murder of Arabs

Actually the whole thing was an offensive attempt at a justification for cold-blooded murder, from someone who advocates such actions. This is dangerous. MSNBC is sounding a whole lot like Nazi propaganda newsreels.

Re: Corporate MSNBC Openly Calling For Racist Murder of Arabs

Enough of this PC the enemy and their terrorist buddies what they are!

Re: Corporate MSNBC Openly Calling For Racist Murder of Arabs

Enough of this PC the enemy and their terrorist buddies what they are!
Who gives a Shiite?

Re: Corporate MSNBC Openly Calling For Racist Murder of Arabs

The enemy is in the whitehouse, not in Iraq.

Here is an article I wrote when the U.S. invaded:

Resist The U.S. Invasion of Iraq!

By Steve Argue

Wednesday, March 19th 2003 is a day that will live in infamy.
Despite millions of people marching against war around the world the
Bush regime of the United States has begun its invasion of Iraq.
Today the Iraqi people are being subjected to massive aerial
bombardment and will soon face the bullets of 300,000 hostile
troops. In the face of mass opposition to war around the world Bush
made clear from the outset that his intention was war no matter what
the truth be, no matter what the people of the world said.

The whole world has watched in horror. With a straight face
Bush's excuses for bloodshed have fluctuated as his claims against
Iraq have been proven lies.

Today, in the 21st century, there are those who are still old
enough to have grown up in Nazi Germany under the hypnosis of Nazi
propaganda newsreels. Some of those people still believe that
Poland had to be invaded by Germany because it posed a threat to
German national security. Likewise there are those in America
brainwashed by CNN and other corporate sources of lies that actually
believe that Iraq had something to do with September 11th and that
Iraq poses a threat to the United States.

What is the reality of this "threat" that Iraq poses to the
United States? On one side in this conflict is the starved and
disarmed nation of Iraq that has no choice but to try to defend
itself, on the other side Bush has assembled the most advanced
weapons of modern warfare with 100 warships, 1,000 fighter jets,
1,800 tanks and ground artillery, and 300,000 troops. In addition
Bush has not ruled out the use of nuclear weapons in the conflict.

Let there be no mistake, the opening of this war will be a one
sided bloodbath with massive Iraqi civilian casualties. In the
traditions of Adolf Hitler's policy of Schrecklicheit the Bush
administration is planning to drop 3,000 "smart" bombs in 48 hours
to produce "shock and awe" at the US military offensive and shatter
Iraq "physically, emotionally and psychologically". In addition the
U.S. plans on using the new M.O.A.B. (Massive Ordinance Air Burst)
bomb, a bomb that despite not being radioactive has a blast the size
of a small nuclear weapon. Also slated for use are actual
nuclear "bunker buster" bombs and "tank buster" A-10 ammunition made
from highly radioactive nuclear waste.

We are told that the Bush administration's "shock and awe"
invasion will be high tech and will have little "collateral damage"
(a U.S. government euphemism for mass murder of innocent
civilians). Yet the United Nations, planning to provide
humanitarian relief, recently produced a document that tells a far
different story. According to the UN, the expected outcomes of a
U.S. campaign of bombing and invasion include: 500,000 civilian
casualties; 2,000,000 people homeless; 10,000,000 people without
enough to eat; 18,000,000 without access to clean water; and more
than 1,000,000 children under the age of 5, at risk of death from

In the last major US attack on Iraq we watched the same
staged "smart" bomb (literally the same one) perform its amazing
acrobatics on CNN while actual bombs were killing around 35,000
Iraqi civilians and destroying the country's infrastructure. This
destruction included destroying the ability to provide clean disease
free water. Large numbers of children have died as a result of the
dirty drinking water.

In addition the US successfully used its "tank buster" A-10
ammunition in its destruction of the retreating Iraqi military. As
part of this operation the U.S. killed over 100,000 retreating
soldiers, burying many of them alive. One thing the "victorious"
U.S. soldiers were never told, however, was that the "tank buster"
ammunition that had been used scattered radiation across the
battlefields that they occupied. A few years later the British
Guardian sent reporters into these battlefields where they found
radiation 30 times higher than normal background radiation, and 50
times higher on tanks destroyed by the A-10 "tank buster"
ammunition. US soldiers were never warned of this known danger and
climbed around on these tanks without protective suits as they
celebrated the US's easy victory. These soldiers later died or
became very ill from the resulting radiation poisoning. The illness
they suffered then became known as the supposedly
mysterious "Persian Gulf War Syndrome."

The top military brass denied knowledge and claimed ignorance of
what had happened to the soldiers. The US corporate media
speculated on the syndrome being the impact of Saddam's biological
or chemical warfare agents. Yet the U.S. military actually new full
well what they had exposed the US troops to, as well as knowing the
symptoms of radiation poisoning. History had been repeated. Just
as Vietnam veterans were knowingly poisoned by the U.S. military
with Agent Orange and abused as hypochondriacs as they became very
ill or died, so too were Gulf War Veterans knowingly poisoned with
the residue of radioactive ammunition. As some would say of Saddam
Hussein the same can be said of the U.S. government: "they killed
their own people".

The radiation unleashed by the US in 1991 has since been killing
large numbers of Iraqis as well. This includes childhood leukemia
wards that have been full of dying children. Not only are these
children dying, they can not get needed medicine as a result of the
UN/US imposed economic blockade imposed on Iraq.

For months Bush claimed that the war would be waged to end Saddam
Hussein's production of weapons of mass destruction (whether they
were found or not) and that "Saddam" would have to prove a negative
and show that Iraq did not have these weapons. Today we are told
that war is being waged to liberate the Iraqi people from the regime
of Saddam Hussein. Little mention is made in the corporate media of
how two oilmen, Bush and Cheney, will be able to gain financially
from the privatization of 84 billion dollars worth of Iraqi oil.
In attempting to comply with the dictates of the Bush regime and
UN arms inspector Hans Blix Iraq recently even destroyed its Al
Samoud missiles, missiles that only have a range of 100 miles and
are not prohibited under any UN resolution. By pushing for the
destruction of these missiles UN inspector Hans Blix cynically
participated in the disarmament of a week nation that was on the
verge of being mercilessly attacked.

The United States is the country in the world that has the most
weapons of mass destruction, and has used them. The idea that Iraq
and North Korea do not have the right to defend themselves from the
same United States that has waged war on both peoples is a good
indication of the aggressive arrogance of U.S. imperialism. We
should not forget that Korea lost 3 million people as a result of
the war the U.S. waged on them in the 1950s and we should also
recognize that North Korea's development of nuclear weapons is an
important deterrent to the war plans of U.S. imperialism on the
Korean peninsula. If Iraq had ignored UN resolutions and developed
its own nuclear weapons program the current war may have been

Especially bitter for the Arab peoples must be the fact that
Israel has the largest arsenal of nuclear, biological, and chemical
weapons in the Arab region. Yet the US continues to arm the Israeli
war machine with about ten billion dollars in "aid" even as
Palestinians are being purposely starved, shot, imprisoned, and
their homes destroyed for no crime other than being born an
ethnicity that the racist Zionist government wants cleansed from the
face of the earth, or at least cleansed from racist Israel. As
Sharon's cabinet minister Benny Alon recently stated of the
Palestinians, "Make their lives so bitter that they will transfer
themselves (out of Israel) voluntarily".

Not only has Iraq been deprived of the means to defend
themselves, the people are also being starved and deprived of needed
medicine. The US, through the UN, has been starving the people of
Iraq through an economic blockade for the past twelve years. This
economic blockade has murdered a million and a half people, most of
them being children.

For "liberated" Iraq Bush plans to install a military government
headed by a US general and talks of an US occupation lasting 25
years. The ability of the US to rule in a country that has been
starved and bombed by the United States for the past twelve years
has caused some in the mainstream corporate media of the US to raise
the specter of Stalingrad like resistance by the five million people
of Baghdad. This is in reference to the long and heroic resistance
Hitler faced from the population of Stalingrad when the Third Reich
tried to occupy that city in its war of conquest against the Soviet

Today film footage of hundreds of thousands in the streets of
Baghdad with automatic weapons and pistols in their hands should
strike fear into the hearts of mothers, fathers and loved ones of
those deployed to the Persian Gulf. The anti-war movement, with our
differing positions on the right of Iraq to exist under its own rule
and on its right to defend itself, agree that the way to stand on
the side of US soldiers is to call for the troops to be brought home
safely today.

Most of the world stands in opposition to the bloodbath the US
government has begun to unleash. In Rome 3 million people marched
against the pro-war policies of the right-wing Italian government of
Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on February 15th. These kinds of
numbers moving into the streets have been useful in bringing on a
number of strikes against the war carried out by the Italian working
class. Not only have the Italian workers started to hit their pro-
war capitalist class directly in the pocket books by striking, the
workers have also directly blockaded military goods headed for the
Persian Gulf.

In addition many of the unions in western Australia have pledged
a general strike at the outbreak of war. Australia has only about
3,000 troops participating in the war, but the Australian working
class still sees this force as a disgrace to be resisted, and
rightly so.

Likewise the ruling class of the UK, America's largest junior
imperial partner in the war, is facing the wrath of a working class
that has stopped train shipments of arms and has also marched in the
millions (1.5 to 2 million in London on February 15th alone). In
addition top trade union leaders have warned the UK government of
general strikes and general unrest from the working class at the
outbreak of the major UK/US assault in the war.

In St. John Canada the ILA (dock worker's union) have issued an
edict calling for stopping the shipment of military cargo destined
for the Iraqi war. This stands as an example for dockworkers in the
US, the rest of Canada, and around the world. If we, as workers,
stop the arms shipments, production of armaments, etc., we can shut
down their war machine. Likewise resistance from the soldiers, as
occurred in the U.S. Vietnam War (1955-1975), could stop the war on
Iraq if the war becomes prolonged and a U.S. imperialist victory is
impeded by prolonged resistance by the Iraqi population and the
world working class.

While resistance to the war has taken place around the world, in
part it has come from different quarters representing differing
class interests. There is the resistance of the masses of the
working class and other progressive minded people in the streets in
the millions around the world. There are countries like Iran, North
Korea, Cuba, and China that oppose the U.S. war partly because they
know that the crazy American government may target them next. And
there is a third group. They are the heads of state and other
politicians who realize the interests of their own capitalist class
are being put in jeopardy by this war. Some have realized this
through their fear of working class resistance, others are opposing
the US to defend their country's own capitalist investments in Iraq.

In Europe we can clearly see the breakdown of the alliances that
have been in place since the end of World War Two. The ruling
capitalist classes of France, Russia, and Germany are standing up to
the United States trying to assert their own economic interests in
Iraq, which include payment for substantial investments they've made
in the development of Iraqi oil fields. Meanwhile the United States
and its junior imperial partner, the UK, see dollar signs in taking
direct control of Iraq's estimated 84 billion dollars worth of oil
for themselves. Germany with its strong industrial base and Russia
with its stockpile of weaponry and weapons industry left over from
the days of the Soviet Union could easily become a powerful alliance
to assert their own imperial interests against the hegemony of US
imperialism. As such competing interests face off on Iraq as a
result of Bush's aggressive policies, one can see in this conflict
the seeds of powerful hostile capitalist interests that may lead to
World War Three.

The working class, revolutionary, anti-imperialist, and anti-war
forces of the world rarely have real interests in common with any of
the bourgeoisies of the powerful capitalist countries of the world.
The opposition posed by the French, Russian, and German governments
is one of those rare examples. Yet their motivations are about
protecting the wealth of their own capitalist classes. As such
their motivations are the same as those of Bush.

Lest anyone be awe struck by the "social democratic"
humanitarianism of the capitalist leaders of these countries it
would pay to look at some of their own imperialist credentials.

The French capitalist class has been an aggressive imperialist
force themselves in Africa, despite loosing direct colonial
control. In the early 1990s France actively backed the chauvinist
Hutu regime of Rwanda that murdered over 800,000 Tutsis in 1994. In
addition France has an occupation army in the Ivory Coast where the
competing capitalist interests of the region are fighting for
control of the areas rich diamond mines.

The capitalist counter-revolution in East Germany formed a united
capitalist Germany that has intervened to participate in the break
up of Yugoslavia. One of the ways they did this was by backing the
fascistic government of Tudjman that was created by breaking the
Republic of Croatia away from the Yugoslavian federation (the U.S.
backed Tudjman as well). As Germany's ally, Tudjman, then raised
the Ustashi flag of Nazi occupation as the official flag of Croatia
once again and preceded to drive 500,000 Serbs and other working
class families from their homes by destroying over 1,000 villages.
Continued German and US intervention in Yugoslavia, along with the
fratricidal wars they helped unleash, led to the deaths of hundreds
of thousands of people and caused millions to be driven from their
homes. Yet, to the benefit of German and U.S. imperialism, as a
result of the death and destruction they unleashed, much of the
Yugoslavian economy has either been privatized or destroyed. Thus
they succeeded in destroying competition and created new ways for
capitalist investors to profiteer where they could not in the past.

The newly formed Russian capitalist class is also asserting its
imperial interests and ambitions by carrying out a brutal war in
Chechnya against the country's popular aspirations for self-
determination. As the Russian capitalist class sends its working
class youth to die in Chechnya they have stripped the working class
of most of the rights to work and healthcare gained in the 1917
revolution. As a result life expectancy has dropped by 10 years in
the past ten years while a new class of a very few ultra-rich
capitalists have emerged, mainly from the privatization of oil

The resistance by Russian, French, and German imperial
capitalists to this war is not based on more enlightened ruling
classes but merely coming from different competing capitalist class

While it may feel good to see the US getting resistance for its
war drive from any quarter, no matter how reactionary, socialists
look towards building an independent working class, student, and
soldier resistance that does not in any way look towards the
representatives of the wealthy in power for political leadership.
Instead, around the world, we are part of building mass
demonstrations of millions of people in the streets. These
demonstrations are built with the understanding that they help
educate ever-larger circles, invigorate participants with the
knowledge of our numbers, and build towards real forms of resistance
to the war and other capitalist injustices. One of our ultimate
goals is an end to all imperialist wars through socialist revolution.

Throughout the world resistance to war, and perceived future
resistance to war and the unrest it will create, have also produced
other allies we cannot trust in the higher ruling circles.

In Egypt hundreds of protesters tried to state their opposition
to the impending war on February 15th. They were met by violent
repression from the Egyptian police (the Egyptian government is one
of the top recipients of U.S. military aid in the world). Yet after
crushing this attempt by the people to protest against the war on
their own, the Egyptian government felt pressure from below to call
its own demonstration against the war. In response to the official
call half a million to a million people came out to protest the war
in Cairo on February 27th. Yet to expect anything but fake and
symbolic acts of solidarity with the people of Iraq from the
Egyptian government would be a mistake.

Likewise in the United States sections of the ruling class have,
for various reasons, felt obliged to oppose the war. Politically
this ruling class opposition is represented locally in the Santa
Cruz area primarily Sam Farr, a Democrat in the U.S. House of
Representatives. Sam Farr has stated, and voted, his opposition to
the current war on Iraq. Yet Farr supports the starvation blockade
against Iraq, voted for this years 440 billion dollar war budget,
voted in favor of war against Yugoslavia, and has voted in favor of
supplying billions of dollars to the U.S. backed death squad
government of Colombia. There should be no surprise here, just
look at how the wealthy and the corporate media are the ones who put
Farr and the likes of him in power. Sam Farr's opposition to war in
Iraq lies in his fear of alienating his anti-war constituency as
well as his fear of the working class unrest that will be unleashed
around the world as a result of the war. The reasons he gives for
opposing war are actual reasons that are for promoting a more
efficient and more respected U.S. imperial policy around the world.
Farr and the Democratic Party want to defend the interests of
imperialism where as myself and the Peace and Freedom Party stand
for ending all imperialist wars across the globe.

Like the "dove" Democrats of the United States the government of
Turkey has been under the direct pressure of the masses of people.
Unlike the Democrats, however, they took real action against the
war. In a major victory for the anti-imperialist movement the
Turkish parliament voted not to allow their country to be used as a
staging ground for a second front in the invasion of Iraq.

Yet official Turkish opposition to being a U.S. base in the war
does not mean Turkey is not heavily involved. Seeing the writing on
the wall and jumping to grab what they can the lesser capitalist
regimes both of neighboring Turkey and Iran have already sent troops
into Iraq. With little hope of maintaining control over the Iraqi
oil they seize after U.S. and British forces move in, the main goal
of these troops is to control minority national aspirations that
could spill over causing more unrest in their own countries.
Turkey already has 1,200 troops occupying part of Kurdish Iraq with
plans to send in thousands of more troops. Iran also has troops in
Iraq occupying areas of the Kurdish north and areas of the Shi'ite

Knowing of Turkey's murderous treatment of the Kurdish nation
living inside Turkey, tens of thousands of Iraqi Kurds have
demonstrated against this Turkish incursion into their territory and
have vowed to resist the Turkish occupation. It is interesting
enough that the Turkish government's genocidal policies towards the
Kurdish people are rarely reported in the United States while Saddam
Hussein gets constant bad press for carrying out the same types of
policies of genocide over ten years ago. This, of course, is a
rather consistent sort of double standard we find in the American
corporate media, friends of the United States who carry out genocide
with U.S. supplied weaponry and training (as Turkey is) are rarely
described as "killing their own people".

Many of the Kurds know that their national interest to self-
determination, without the genocidal repression they currently face
throughout their homeland, will never be established by
the "liberating" forces of Turkey, Iran, or US imperialism. British
imperialism divided Kurdistan, a country with its own unique
language and culture, into a minority inside the nations of Iraq,
Turkey, Syria, and Iran. Today the Kurds are the largest nation
without a homeland in the world. Yet while the U.S. government
supplies the military hardware to kill Turkish Kurds they cry
crocodile tears for Iraqi Kurds. Imperialism, with its motto of
divide and conquer, never has and never will solve the Kurdish
question. A free and united Kurdistan will only be born through a
sweeping socialist revolution that overthrows the capitalist regimes
of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria while challenging the dictates of
the United States.

Just as U.S. imperialism will never solve the Kurdish question,
nor will it ever solve the question of women's liberation in the
Middle East. Unlike all of the US supported governments and forces
in the Arab World, Iraqi women have many rights found nowhere else
in the Arab World except in the Asian republics of the former Soviet
Union. Over 50% of Iraqi doctors are women. Iraqi women are
allowed to walk unescorted in the streets. They are allowed to
drive. Iraqi women can even freely criticize men. In addition
Iraqi women have the right to work and control their own funds.
This is in stark contrast to the treatment of women under the
repressive U.S. backed governments of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia where
women have no rights what-so-ever.

The Taliban, who the U.S. put in power, are rightly seen as the
anti-women clerical fascists they really are. Among the lies
about "liberated" Afghanistan, however, has been the idea that
women's rights have greatly benefited. According to a UN report
issued for International Woman's Day March 8th 2003, "The fact that
women in many parts of the country continue to face gross violations
of their rights, is a matter of concern… Women are the primary
victims of insecurity...Taliban-like restrictions continue to be
applied to women in some parts of the country by local leaders."

These local leaders were, and most of them still are, supported
militarily by the U.S. government. The entire history of these
Mujahideen warlords has been one of combating women's rights. In
fact it was opposition to women's rights that was one of the
Mujahideen's main issues of opposition to the left-progressive PDPA
government that came to power in Afghanistan in 1978. As the PDPA
began carrying literacy campaigns for little girls and the poor the
CIA, in opposition, began funding the Mujahideen religious fanatics
that were killing women for teaching little girls how to read and
write and throwing acid into the faces of women liberated from the
veil. As the US poured billions of dollars into the Osama Bin
Laden/Mujahideen holy war against literacy and women's rights and
the CIA recruited 100,000 Islamic religious fanatics from around the
world to fight their war the Soviet Union moved troops into
Afghanistan under the invitation of the PDPA to help them combat the
anti-woman fanatics.

The CIA's men in Afghanistan are in fact the same forces that are
now accused of blowing up innocent civilians in the World Trade
Center. The Mujahideen and their Taliban offspring are in fact the
vile creations of U.S. imperialism and have the same disregard for
innocent human life and women's rights as their imperialist creators.

About 3,000 Afghani civilians have died in the ongoing US war in
Afghanistan, and many more will die in Iraq.

As the US government prepares for war on Iraq many Americans
don't know that US soldiers continue to be engaged in combat with
various factions in Afghanistan and US troops are taking many
casualties while Afghan civilians are taking many more. Even the US
puppet government of Hamid Karzai, a "government" that only rules
the city of Kabul, has felt obliged to ask the US military to stop
killing civilians. In February Presidential spokesman Fazal Akbar
told the BBC Pashro news service that "The Afghan President stressed
the need that the military operations must be targeted and that the
operations should not affect civilians." This was said in a meeting
with U.S. General Daniel K. McNeil. The meeting took place after at
least 17 civilians died in raids by US-led coalition forces in the
Baghran district of the southern Helmand Province.

In Afghanistan we can see the results of thirty-four years of
U.S. military intervention, results that include the total
destruction of human rights. The U.S. ruling class hates
governments like Iraq, Libya, and Venezuela who use the profits of
their oil resources partly to benefit the people with social
programs. Likewise they love governments like that of Saudi Arabia
and Kuwait that strip the people of all their rights and keep the
oil profits in the hands of the international oil monopolies and
their corrupt local servants. Today in the United States we face
unemployment, homelessness, and a lack of health care. The billions
of dollars the U.S. is squandering on killing Iraqis and stealing
their resources should be spent to benefit the working class and
poor of the United States.

Register to vote with the Peace and Freedom Party! Resist the
war in the streets, workplaces, and in the barracks! Organize to
end imperial bloodshed through socialist revolution!

Re: Corporate MSNBC Openly Calling For Racist Murder of Arabs

"Especially bitter for the Arab peoples must be the fact that
Israel has the largest arsenal of nuclear, biological, and chemical
weapons in the Arab region"

Masha'allah!!!! Despite this fact, the Arabs continue to fight the Will of Allah...go figure!
(It's only an "arab" region, as the results of Invasion Occupation and Colonization)


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