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Update on Jeff Free Luers appeal

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Update on Jeff "Free' Luers' appeal
Finally, we have some news to share with you about the status of Jeff's appeal.
It's not great but for everyone that has wondered, here it is. As you can see, this process is remarkably slow and the end is nowhere in sight.

PS-Jeff's birthday is December 5th. While Jeff has asked that people NOT send him cards etc, please hold him in your thoughts that day and consider doing something to help his case. The holidays are rough times for prisoners.

Update on Jeff 'Free' Luers' appeal
November 24, 2004

Jeff's appeal is currently on hold. In June, the United States Supreme Court decided Blakely v. Washington, 542 US ___, 124 S Ct 2531, ___ L Ed 3d ___ (2004). The case has the potential to affect the sentences of thousands of people sentenced under Oregon's sentencing guidelines, including Jeff's. The Oregon Court of Appeals has received requests for additional briefing on Blakely in so many cases that it has delayed ruling on these requests until Oregon courts have a chance to figure out the impact of Blakelyon sentencing
in Oregon. The Oregon Court of Appeals and Supreme Court are expected
to begin issuing opinions in some representative cases (also called "lead
cases") soon. After that, the Court of Appeals will decide to allow or deny additional briefing in cases like Jeff's, and his appeal will go forward from there.

How can you help the appeal and Jeff's case:

You can contribute funds to Jeff’s appeal or to his commissary account a few different ways:
• Online: donations can be made online on a secure server through Paypal. To make a donation, click here:
All names/addresses are kept confidential. These donations go to fund Jeff’s appeals.

• Snail Mail: You can send checks/money orders made out to ‘Free’s defense network’ to POB 3, Eugene, OR 97440. Specify legal fund or commissary.

• Directly to Jeff’s commissary account: These funds are used by Jeff to buy necessities like pens, stamps, envelopes etc. Money orders only [no checks] can be made out to: DOC Central Trust for (For Jeffrey Luers, #13797671) and sent to DOC Central Trust for (For Jeffrey Luers, #13797671) .DOCCentral Trust, PO Box 14400,Salem OR 97309-5077.

2. Jeff’s case desperately needs to stay in the news and in the public’s mind in order to affect his appeal and chances of getting out. Letters to Oregon based media are very useful. Here are a few media outlets you can write to. For examples of letters sent on Free’s behalf, see here.

• Eugene Weekly, 1251 Lincoln, Eugene OR 97401. editor (at)
• Register Guard, PO Box 10188, Eugene, OR 97440-2188. rgletters (at)
• Portland Mercury, 605 NE 21st Avenue, Suite 200, Portland, OR 97232. mercuryeditorial (at)
•Willamette Week, 822 SW 10th Avenue, Portland, OR 97205. mzusman at

It is also a good idea to write to the Governor of Oregon to urge him to intervene on Free’s behalf: Governor of Oregon Ted Kulongoski, 160 State Capitol, 900 Court Street, Salem, Oregon 97301-4047. Fax: 503.378.6827.

3. Form a support group/work directly with Jeff

Local support groups can do everything from hosting benefits to web based activism to staging protests. You can write Jeff at Jeffrey Luers, #13797671, Oregon State Penitentiary, 2605 State Street, Salem, OR 97310.
Also, feel free to get involved with a pre-existing group like Break the Chains

4-Sign Jeff's solidarity statement:
Check it out at

5. Join the Friends of Free list serve to stay informed on the case:

6. Tell your friends about Free’s website:

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