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11/26: Fourth Critical Mass Radio Network broadcast

Announcing the fourth monthly Critical Mass Radio Network (CMRN) broadcast on Friday, Nov. 26, 2004. This month's broadcast topic is COLONIAL HOLIDAY (in Cambodia), regurgitation, and how to avoid buying anything ever again, ever.
CMRN is a decentralized radio network composed of a constellation of independent community radio stations. The CMRN site provides the means for community radio stations to rebroadcast the CMRN signal over the FM band. The signal itself is composed of the radio stations that make up the network. We've organized according to Principles of Unity, and intend to further the growth of independent community based radio internationally, regardless of the broadcast medium.

Initially, we're producing a coordinated, scheduled broadcast on the last Friday of every month, and we'll be expanding as necessary. Each broadcast will be thematic and determined by network participants. To participate, check out our website and join the mailing list and the fray!

Our initial coordinated broadcast took place on August 27, 2004 in anticipation of the Republican National Convention in New York. In matters of war and peace, poverty and hunger, homelessness, health care, justice and your mama's pumpkin pie, we can have a voice that circumvents the sound bites of the powerful; such direct participation in our future is clearly necessary for survival. We're radio that ghosts the present by speaking the future. Check us out.

Tip: we hear you get the best reception from the seat of your bike.

Critical Mass Radio Network broadcast #4

Friday, November 26th, noon to midnight, Pacific time

12 hours of carefully coordinated mayhem

Broadcast schedule:
2004-11-26 20:00 UTC from Portland (IMC Web Radio)
2004-11-26 22:00 UTC from Santa Cruz (FRSC)
2004-11-27 00:00 UTC from San Francisco (ECR)
2004-11-27 02:00 UTC from New York City (ASC)
2004-11-27 04:00 UTC from San Diego (RadioActive)
2004-11-27 06:00 UTC from Los Angeles (Kill Radio)

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Broadcast schedule in Pacific Standard Time

12 noon - 2 pm >> Portland (IMC Web Radio)
2 - 4 pm >> Santa Cruz (FRSC)
4 - 6 pm >> San Francisco (ECR)
6 - 8 pm >> New York City (ASC)
8 - 10 pm >> San Diego (RadioActive)
10 pm - 12 am >> Los Angeles (Kill Radio)


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