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Buy Nothing Day in Santa Cruz

This Friday. November 26th. The "Biggest Shopping Day of the Year" Tell your friends, allies, neighbors, and family:

Buy Nothing Day is happening in Santa Cruz!!

I imagine some of you will want to be part of another Buy Nothing Day. Downtown, Art & Revolution are meeting at 1:30 at the Farmer's Market Lot (by toadal fitness). Capitola Mall will be a favorite spot, too.

Free Radio Santa Cruz will be "webcasting" all day as part of the Critical Mass Radio Network. Listen to broadcasts from Portland, LA, SF, NYC, SD, and from 2-4 PM all networked stations will be broadcasting FRSC's stream over the people's airwaves. The day's programming will be focused on "COLONIAL HOLIDAYs". Stay "tuned" to

[ CRITICAL MASS BIKE RIDE (buy nothing day edition) I Fourth Critical Mass Radio Network Broadcast ]

IDEAS that have circulated:
*bring FREE unwanted/donated/extra clothes downtown to give away to shoppers. to be honest, clothers in better shape would be ideal, since we *might* be able to tempt people into taking free used clothes rather than buying new shit. plus some flyers or handbills pointing out the needlessness of making *more shit* in sweatshops when we all have access to excess clothes.

*bring extra/unwanted/old/current/expired etc. credit cards downtown. We want to cut up as many as possible.

*Signs and quartersheet flyers/handbills are needed. It's a good way to get the message out. since people sometimes wonder what the hell is going on. we'll need to pick some up off the ground, too. the peeps will litter. right in your face.

* Dress up as slaves to credit.
* be prepared to attend and testify at a large 12-step shopaholics meeting.
* target advertising: make stickers. put them on shit. fill shopping bags with street trash instead of store trash. buy shit and return it. then do it again. dress 'nice' and do your thing INSIDE stores. [be prepared to be scolded by wage-slaves] talk to consumers. tease. inform. gently. be funny. friendly. militant. whatever.

uh, ... be creative.

*I know some folks are hitting up the capitola mall too.
thanks for participating. this is a participation action. get out there and do something! Have Fun!


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Buy Nothing Day in Santa Cruz circa 2001

Here's a little something to give you an idea of what to expect on Pacific Ave:

Buy Nothing Day in Melbourne

"Melbournians went shopping crazy today, but they were offered help – a free credit card cutting-up service outside Myer in the Mall from midday to about 6pm, courtesy of the Melbourne BND Committee, supported by Environment Victoria, Friends of the Earth Melbourne, and the Australian Conservation Foundation."

start of critical mass bike ride

I've seen a lot of rallies at the State Library that haven't pulled a crowd as big as this...

Re: Buy Nothing Day Is Everyday!

I never buy anything retail, except health food, and vitamins. Everything else comes from flea markets and thrift stores. Retail stores rip-off third world labor, as well as the consumer. Look at prices these days, and I can't believe anyone does!


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