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A Look Back to the Historic Anti-WTO Protests of Five Years Ago

November 30, 1999 represented a triumphal moment for worldwide civil resistance against a global economic system that gives private corporations more power than governments. In the morning hours of N30, 1999, tens of thousands of activists from across the globe converged in the streets of downtown Seattle, to shut down meetings of the World Trade Organization, the undemocratic, international governing forum of neoliberal globalization.

The conflict became infamous around the world, partially because of the violent police response to the largely peaceful demonstrations. In years since, N30 has been remembered in the streets of Seattle and around the globe, with marches, rallies and celebrations of resistance. Dialogues about the effectiveness of the movement have multiplied in number, both within and beyond activist circles. The date is also remembered as the birth of the Independent Media Center,

The audio collage you're about to hear is a compilation of voices recorded both in the streets of Seattle, and from phone calls into the studio of Free Radio Santa Cruz.

This collage was produced by Vinny Lombardo aka V-Man, and features contributions from Freak Radio programmers past and present. Thanks to Aeon Blues, Old Lady Scar Arms, Misstress Violet, Phil Free and Fellow Worker Will, and of course, V-Man. Without them this program would not have been possible.

We first hear from an organizer at the Convergance Space; ground zero for activists gathering in Seattle to organize anti-WTO protests.
wto_99_2004mix.mp3 (8192 k)
(25 minutes and 50 seconds)

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