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AUDIO: This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Audio from the video, "This Is What Democracy Looks Like."

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photo (c) by Rick Dahms 1999

Celebrate our Victory, Feel our Power, Build Radical Community, Be the Media

At the WTO protests in Seattle, we had a collective vision. We saw beyond the borders that divide us. We saw people come together across every kind of political and cultural difference and stand up in a way that we have not seen in this country for decades. We saw peaceful protests shut down one of the most powerful institutions in the world and we saw a system dazed and frightened by the sound of our voices.

People left Seattle energized, believing that they had taken part in the birth of a new movement.

This Is What Democracy Looks Like


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Re: This Is What Democracy Looks Like

I just watched this movie as part of a highschool extra credit project. All i could think the entire time is how naive everyone involved in this project was being. Fine your mad at the World Trade Organization, and how crappy things in the world are, but not once in your one sided propaganda movie did i see your idea for what you wanted to improve. You neve mad a clear point on your idea oh how to make this country and world better. Also the point you made that the police were using unnecessary force on peaceful protested is completely and utterly wrong. The police that went in there and a job to do. They were greatly out numbered and were probably fearing for their own safty. And don't try and make the point that these were "peaceful" protests. People were destroying property and even though everyone was not involved in it, it only takes a handful of people to take your non-violent protest and turn it into a riot. I belive the police were acting in the best interest of the city and every how lives there. It's easy to point out the bad things in the world. English teachers always tell students to write about something they don't like if they are stuck on a essay. Same with independent media. I would have given more validity to this "documentory" if there had been a rebutle for the WTO. If in fact the only thing this organization has done has casued the decline of the wellfare of the world it would not be around. Obviously that is not the case. Have fun with your Revolution and i'll see you at the picket lines, from the other side.

Re: AUDIO: This Is What Democracy Looks Like

i saw this movie, and you're right Cody, it is totally one-sided just as the whole resistance in Seattle was and is--100% against the WTO.
So you got a problem with ideas on making this world better? That's exactly what this movie was about...that's what Seattle was about. Make the world better by having the people on top stop fucking it up. That's a good place to start, no? Did you want a movie about feeding the homeless, or building houses and gardens, or what? I am sure most of the people in Seattle that day do just that...or at least more than the folks on your side of the "picket lines". But this is not a who's dick is bigger game, let's continue.
So people weren't so peaceful you contest? Maybe that's because the WTO ain't so peaceful either? Could it be some reactionary outrage? Sure. But what seems worse? People with rocks breaking windows or Cops with guns and billy clubs and fire hoses breaking people? I didn't see many protesters with guns or billy clubs or fire hoses? Did you? Personally, I would trade a million broken windows for every person unfairly brutalized by police (and it's always unfair, no?) What would you choose?
If it's so easy to pick out the bad things in the world (and sort of agree that it is), why are there so many apathetic consumer-crazed people out there? Are they having a tough time picking out the bad things in the world, or just not caring, or just to afraid and set in their ways to change their lives? Hmmm.
Have fun on your side of the picket lines...where the grass is always green. Fortunately for me, I love to get a little dirty.
I hope one day there won't even be picket lines to speak of.
Wait......what revolution?
Why did so many people show up?

Re: AUDIO: This Is What Democracy Looks Like

check out this critique:
"this is what democracy looks like"

Re: AUDIO: This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Dear Cody,
You wrote:

If in fact the only thing this organization has done has casued the decline of the wellfare of the world it would not be around.

Shit man, of course the WTO has caused the decline of the welfare of the world. And it has done this in order to increase the welfare of the few. The rich few people on this planet who have the power. They are ensuring that the WTO is around, because it is for their own benefit. Hopefully you will one day see that on your side of the fence there are the few and not the many and hopefully it wont be too late to jump the fence and take part in something that will not only make the world a -temporarily- better place for the rich but also a better place for the many who are oppressed by the few. Just surf the net and inform yourself about the violations of human rights corporations are commiting.

Re: AUDIO: This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Cody, were you there? I was in the downtown area and I can tell you from first hand experience that long before a single window was broken, cops were tear gassing peaceful protesters. What makes this attack even more heinous is that, in fact, the cops weren't just "doing there job." In fact the cops told the protesters before the protest that they were simply going to arrest them, which is what everyone who believes in peaceful civil disobedience was waiting for- to go to jail for their comvictions. So I think you should get your facts straight sonny before you go showing what an ignorant little kid you are!

Re: AUDIO: This Is What Democracy Looks Like

First of all.....calling it your job, doesn't always make it right, be it cops,lawyers,ceo's etc
Good articles posted by "i like to eat ". We need more of that kind of dialog and thinking on indymedia
It seems that the spirit of seattle was as much as the idea of taking the power from the corporations and giving it back to the people.

Any one know of a copy of the DAN mission / vision
statement that was on the wall at the 420 convergence space ?


Hey, i was there, i was at the front lines, man i was part of the paramilitary unit, and i kicked hippie ass. GO BUSH

This Is What Democracy Is

Well I can see that you all are very passionate about this WTO thing. Truth is even with all your talk about Revolution and overthrowing the MAN I don’t think you guys have it in you. Collecting a world coalition of hippies all fighting for a different cause will never work. So my question still remains, because apparently you have no idea what your are going to do when you overthrow the WTO, also what are your plans after that to regulate world trade. You do need a organization to regulate it you can’t argue that. Also if your against Capitalism what are you for. You said you weren’t for Communism good, but what is your idea of the political party that will guide us through this bottle neck in human history.

Re: AUDIO: This Is What Democracy Looks Like

I am for communism as a form of social organization and economy. OVerthrowing the system of Capitalism and the classes that support it would be the greatest thing to happen to all humanity. Emancipation from this type of slavery is a good thing, a great thing. The following link is to the Draft Program of the Revolutionary Communist Party. A plan to overthrow capitalism and imperialism and establish something qualitatively better:

Commie Bastard

Wow Tenoch have you not taken any world history classes at all. Communism will allways and forever fail. I think the cold war and the last 50 years have taught us that lesson. What motivation is there for someone to become a doctor or lawyer if they know that they will make the same amount as someone cleaning trashcans with no education. Why would you go through the trouble of getting a four year degree if you know it's going to be worthless in the long run. Communism is not the right form of social and economical organizatioin, just ask everyone that lives in Russia or the former Soviet Union, to choose Communism you must be the lowest of the low hoping for a miricle break in your economic situation. There may be some faults to the Capitalist system, but at least the people on top are there because for most they've earned it. They had a good idea for a product or they've worked hard to get where they are, and that's how it ought to work.

Tagore - you're the capitalist idiot!

Wow Tagore, you don't know what Communism really
is! Allow me to explain. Real Communism is the abolition of classes, the state, and all authority. It make it short - Communism is Anarchism and Anarchism is Communism. Communism and Anarchism both discribe a society in which there is no state, in which there is no classes and where there is no authoritarian relationships.
The USSR was not Communist at all. It had a state.
it had aspects of a Capitalist society and had a
Capitalist economy. And The "Communist" Party used
the state to control everything and to impose it's
will on the majority. Real Communism is not even like that at all. In fact - it's totally the opposite. The USSR was State-Capitalist - NOT

Tenoch - Dude, you sound like a "Marxist"-Leninist
to me.

Re: AUDIO: This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Has name calling ever opened one mind or put a sandal on one child's foot? We are the poor ministers of Job who when confronted with these horrible dilemmas unfortunately attack each other rather than find lasting solutions. Einstein basically said it takes a higher level of consciousness to transcend these problems than the level of consciousness that was operating when these problems came into being. You already know this. Fear isn't a tool its a weapon. Krishnamurti told us how to look at fear with understanding. Surely Jesus deplored fearful accusations from brother against brother when he said "you who have not sinned pick up the first stone." Strangely, all our dreams integrated and we are motivated peace seekers....strangely, we go about peace raising high our Orwellian banners: "War is Peace" when we accuse, when we live in our filthy hippyocrisies, when we prescribe for others burdens we dare not lift ourselves.

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

You're gay aren't you Jimmy. Go hug a tree

Re: AUDIO: This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Cody is a brainwashed capitalist pawn, and that is no insult, it accurately represents his consciousness at this stage in his intellectual development. The insults seem to be coming from the other reactionary wingnuts who resort to ad hominim attacks due to a lack of any reall evidence to back up their flimsy claims that the existing world order is somehow natural or good... fight the power. The owner class is the enemy... the police are puppets.

To hug that tree plant a seed

First, take a very large dense star so similar to a seed that when it implodes from its own mass you've created one frightfully beautiful tree of life called 'Youniverse'. Then, after things cool down a tad, a carbon-rich atmosphere appears on earth which supports the algae, lichens, moss, fungii and their ilk. These, left to their own devices which means a lot of hanky panky, should prosper, simultaneously enriching and creating soils. A young sun will be ideal for the locomotion of energy conecting long chains of carbon thru a process dubbed 'photosynthesis'. Plants unwittingly make dandy little oygen factories for the animals which in their thoughtfulness will eat the plants. As genetic mutations abound everywhere eventually hominoids will appear because life as a monkey was full of bananas. The cats, monkeys, birds and hominoids will find the trees suitable for climbing and escaping the wiliest things like complacency, sabre-tooth flying squirrels, and mean people whose ancestries like trees can also be traced back to algae. Hominoids will learn bipedalism and Tango meets Disco meets potato sack races. Handy for reaching, scratching the privies and generally for commenting on someone else's bad driving in the form of a "T" , arms will become handy for hugging which is why arms are so fucking awesome!!! On those lonely Autumn days when all the Sycamores quit making their chlorophyl and the reds and ambers and the very, very oranges show through their crinkly leaves, yes, the trees Bob, will be irresistable for hugging. True to form, that first homonoid hippy probably felt a tinge of guilt for hugging his first tree after doing what all men do out in the woods without a descent john in sight.

Pres. Bush and WTO

GO BUSH! GO BUSH! Again i was part of the paramilitary unit in seattle, i was the dude riding in the Bradly vech. you know i wish that Bradly have a freakin cannon on it, so we could crush hippieS! you dont know how great the WTO is until you work for a big corporation like ME :), so until then go hug a tree, plant a flower and go to cuba,

Re: AUDIO: This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Thanks for the intelligent comments, David. Your grasp of the English language, proper grammer, spelling, and punctuation, are a shining example for aspiring commentators like me.

Re: AUDIO: This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Your a brainwashed, hippie pawn part of the outdoor movement la hormiga. You know nothing of want your democratic view could do to this great superpower. We gave freedom to Iraq and Afganistan. If we wouldnt of been the great superpower we are, we couldnt of gone through with this. You democrats are asses, us elephant are bigger than you so until you grow a pair, leave america along.

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

people are selfish. communism would never work in this world because of that simple reason. If any of you have read Adam Smith's "Wealth of nations", I think you will find his ideas true. People are motivated by self-interest, and the free market regulates itself. True, capitalism is crappy because it leads to things like imperialism and exploitation, but you know what? The WTO prevents large powerful countries like the U.S. from taking advantage of smaller nations in trade deals, meaning you're actually fucking up the world more when you're screwing up the WTO. By the way, communism doesn't work, as my knowledgeable friend Tagore said. Russia got the closest to a perfect commie state any nations's ever got, and at it's height, it's economy was 20% of what the U.S. or Western Europe was at. Adn what's more, if anarchy existed, there'd be no jobs, no infrastrcuture, and we'd all be poor and hopeless. Grab a brain.


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