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'Please Kareem your struggle is not with me'

'Kareem it never makes sense why someone would attack another person using indymedia when there is a clear email to send responses to. I realize we all struggle with many things in this world. We all struggle with systematic violence. It is everywhere. In Santa Cruz it sounds like your system is geared to repressing minorities and that is probably a very difficult system to break. Where I live the system is geared to forcing people to work 2 or 3 jobs to survive so you do not have any life at all besides work. Slavery exists in the \"privilidged\" Northest in 2002. It is very hard fighting a system that people can hardly see but clearly exists. That is also a very hard system to break. Over the winter I lived without heat because I chose not to work 2 or more jobs. Although there was no police beating me the freezing cold weather melted 20 pounds from my all ready lean body. Making me very ill.\r\n\r\nSo no maybe I was not speaking for you Kareem but I was speaking for all of the people who struggle as hard as they can against the systems that strangle the life out of them. \r\nOn second thought maybe Kareem I am speaking for you. You are probably struggling as hard as you can against that system in Santa Cruz. As you know the struggle is not just with that beating cop but with the system that tolerates it. The ignorant people who forced me economically into a motorhome this winter that could have killed me by freezing to death are not so different from the ignorant people that beat up minorities. They make the system. We have to break it all all levels so lets not squable with people on a similiar page.\r\n\r\nIn Peace

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