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Two Russia Diplomats Suspected of Being Pimps

If you need it, then Russia Commercial Embassy in Helsinki may be the place to ask it! Two Diplomats suspected of being Pimps. Read more…
Two Russia Diplomats Suspected of Being Pimps

Finland – At least two Russian persons working as Diplomats in Russia Helsinki Commercial Embassy are being suspects of working as pimps and having arranged Diplomat apartments even for hundreds of prostitutes.

So, in case you enter Helsinki and if you need it, then you may ask it from Russia Commercial Embassy? And for those of you, who know, how intelligence get their information from the street and from businessmen, should understand how the Russia intelligence may (still) gather their information?

This news also should tell something about the Finnish propaganda of our corruption and show how things really are.

Commented translation by Ake Tyvi

Original Source;, 8.30 p.m. news at

Ps. Pls, do send a copy to CIA in case there are not aware of the World Facts in Finland.

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