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Columbus, Ohio Events for Saturday December 4th
December 1, 2004

Columbus, Ohio Events for Saturday December 4th

Investigate all 88

1:00 PM, Ohio Statehouse Lawn, East Broad & South High Streets, Columbus, Ohio
Investigate All 88 (counties), Coordinate, Litigate, Re-Count, Recuse

Greg Palast (journalist and author of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy)
Ian Solomon (Yale Dean & Law professor)
Bill Moss (former Columbus school board member)
Bob Fitrakis (Columbus Free Press)
Reuben Herrera (Adelante - Latino/Latina Democrats)
Rep. John Conyers (Michigan)
Anita Rios (Green Party)
Cliff Arnebeck (lead litigant in the Contest of Election suit)
Jad Hummeidan (Council on American Islamic Relations)
Petey Tallie (Ohio AFL-CIO) (invited)
Dave Lytel (Redefeat Bush) (invited)
Bill Burga (Ohio AFL-CIO) (invited)
Rev. Mylian Waite (Antioch Baptist Church, Cleveland, Ohio) (invited)
Charleta Tavares (Columbus City Council member) (invited)
Emcee: Susan Truitt (founder of Citizens’ Alliance for Secure Elections)

Fact: Thousands of Ohio citizens had difficulty voting on November 2nd. Despite thousands of complaints, a planned recount, statewide public hearings, several lawsuits, a Congressional investigation and the outcry of voters rights groups, this fact has been dismissed or underreported by the mainstream media. Even Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell claimed the Ohio election was a huge success, saying, "We came through with flying colors." Washington Times, 11/04/04

We need thousands of people to attend the FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY RALLY to draw attention to voter issues AND to support the Congressional probe of allegations of irregularities in the November 2nd presidential vote. America’s election system is badly flawed. So flawed, that a Cal Tech/MIT study of the 2000 Election discovered that as many as one in 18 citizens was disenfranchised due to procedural and/or technological anomalies. The 2004 election was no different! All citizens must have equal access to voting and the electoral process in order to ensure our democracy! Please plan to attend and bring your friends!

Following the Rally Stand Up and Be Counted:
A CASE for Democracy PUBLIC SYMPOSIUM Saturday December 4th, 2004
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM, Africentric Middle School 300 E. Livingston Ave., Columbus, Ohio
Stand Up and Be Counted: A C.A.S.E. for Democracy
Keynote speaker: Reverend Jesse Jackson
Greg Palast
Representative John Conyers (Michigan)
Music/poetry with Gil Scot Heron (invited)
Contact Evan Davis (614) 437-2039 cell (614) 946-3834

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