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The 'American Dream' Is Not Dead

a call to war
The 'American Dream' Is Not Dead


There is a difference between 'loving your home' and 'ignoring the fact that your true happiness is dependent on truth being acknowledged'.

People that live in the United States are as much God as I am. Every one capable of transcending the clasp of pride. When you know that everyone that would be 'evil' inherently has the same programming as you your 'foreknowledge' becomes less clouded by resentment- more sadness and understanding, less anger and fear.

If you would adhere to the AMERICAN DREAM then HEAR ME- The American Dream is Freedom and there can be no freedom while we pretend that pride is a virtue. Maybe I am trying to brainwash you- my ego lets it's spirit be pulled by the glory of fearlessness.

Have patience because infinity is about to be shoved into your brain.


pride is bullshit
stop using money

... and if you be Christian then HEAR THIS- Jesus was king because he knew why pride is sin (because every moment IS fated and we ARE a flame of love stretching into the future; a thing without beginning or end- we are the infinite 'now' with no reason to be afraid except in our justifying of laziness).

CHILL and respond in love
have patience and the way is shown

Tent-cities within walking distance of downtowns- no rent, ever, no taxes, ever. You are not owned by the prideful construct- you ARE the FALL OF BABYLON.


In the name of JA, STAND, it is our time.

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