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Rally for Monterey Bay Travelodge Workers

Please join us at the next Rally for Monterey Bay Travelodge Workers

Wednesday, December 8
2030 North Fremont Street, Monterey
(across from Chef Lee's)
Following its November 18 call for a boycott of the Monterey Bay Travelodge, today UNITE HERE Local 483 has launched a website for travelers, travel planners, and interested community members with current and ongoing information about the boycott at

"We urge everybody not to stay at the Monterey Bay Travelodge until the owner signs a fair contract," said Juana Enriquez, Travelodge housekeeper
and chief shop steward for UNITE HERE Local 483.

The hotel's owner, Kilsoo Seo of Bethel, Alaska, has eliminated all contributions to the employee
health insurance and pension plans, while freezing hourly wages at $8.84 for his 13 unionized employees. The 19 children of the these workers at the Travelodge are now without health insurance.

"We hope this website will let many people all over the world know about our struggle here in Monterey," added Ms. Enriquez.

The Monterey Bay Travelodge contract with its 13 Latino housekeeping and maintenance workers expired on December 1, 2003, and is the only unsettled contract of 15 unionized hotels on the Monterey Bay with UNITE HERE Local

All of the other 14 contracts have been successfully negotiated within the past two years and call for full employee and family health
insurance without co-payments, as well as wage and pension increases.

Contract negotiations between Local 483 and the Travelodge continued through July, at which point Mr. Seo issued his "last and best" offer,
demanding the end of his employees' health and pension plans. The first of dozens of weekly community rallies in support of the workers at the hotel, which have drawn over 1,000 participants, began on July 29.

for more information, contact:

UNITE HERE Local 483 members and staff
375-2246 x.17 (Mark)

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Re: Rally for Monterey Bay Travelodge Workers

Hotel management does not come and harrass you in front of your home if you refuse to accept their terms. Why do you harrass them in front of their business? They've never done you any harm, they just won't agree to your demands. Go on strike if you want, but go home and do it. There's no call for harrassment tactics.

Why does every employer on the central coast become the Great Satan simply for failing to give you everything you ask for?

I am reminded of spoiled children throwing tantrums in the grocery store.

Re: Rally for Monterey Bay Travelodge Workers

Excuse me, but if you care to find the facts, this employer has actually done quite a bit of damage to these workers. He has cut the existing health care these workers had (eliminating close to 20 children), stoped pension contributions and is proposing a wage freeze (at a little close to nine dollars an hour). This is in conjunction with buying a half million dollar home. Well, if rallying in front of a hotel is harrasment, what would you call this? You know, besides an attack on working folks (which coincidentially, are all women at the Travelodge.) So, when those kids get sick and can't go to a doctor, how is this not causing them any harm?


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