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Wendy Campbell: Let's Get Clear on Syria

The war on Iraq and the Arab world is "kosher" terrorism by Judeo-Christian corporate elite Zionists at the expense of the American people and innocent people world-wide.
WENDY CAMPBELL: Let’s Get Clear About Syria (Dec. 9, 2004)

As for Syria, our Zionized US government has been rattling the sabres for a long time at Syria, simply because Syria is one of the countries that refuses to bow down to Zionist Israel. The Baath Party does dominate Syria, and it did dominate Iraq as well before our government waged war there on false premises of WMD and ties with bin Laden. The Baath party is a secular, socialist government party (not Islamic) devoted to creating alliances with other Arab countries who want to create a pan-Arabic union, such as the European Union. This kind of aggregating of Arab power is what Israel does not want, and Israel is using the US to try to prevent this from happening via first sanctions against Syria (which are already in place and really don’t affect Syria all that much), and then, as in Iraq, with military aggression and intimidation as part of “the war on terror?, which is just an excuse to use. War IS terror, of course, and no one is more guilty at this time than the Zionized US and Israel.

Syria does not even have any oil that it exports. Therefore, it goes to show that the “war on terror? is really all about “security for Israel? or to put it even more accurately, Zionist Judeo-Christian Power. The driving ideology behind “the war on terror? is the racist, imperialistic ideology of Zionism. Zionism is the invisible racism that is taboo to even talk about. Thus far, most Americans are not even aware of what Zionism is. That’s why I am making my documentaries. Rabbi Weiss explains exactly how Zionism is the exact opposite of Judaism, in very interesting detail. It is also certainly the opposite of Christ’s pacifist, humanitarian teachings.

In my upcoming documentary about Syria, I show the happy people of Syria, who certainly do not need to be “liberated?. I show how many of them have their President Bashar Assad’s portrait in their living rooms, where we enjoyed tea in many a Syrian home, from city apartments to bee-hive shaped adobe homes near the Euphrates River. Our American Christian Scientist tour leader Scott Davis, who wrote the book “The Road From Damascus?, told me that even if there were democratic open and free elections in Syria, it’s likely that the current President Assad would win by about 70%. By the way, have you noticed how we don’t have much a choice in voting here in the US, especially with regards to political agenda? For example, Bush = Kerry with regards to US foreign policy in the Middle East. And what about the electronic voting we now have? Can it be proven that they are 100% reliable and not able to be manipulated?

I talked to several Syrians myself while over there, and they all expressed admiration and appreciation for their President. I believe I am a very intuitive person, and they seemed totally sincere.

Many Americans don’t know anything about Syria other than what the Zionized media tells them, namely that Syria “harbors terrorists?. I was there in person, didn’t hide the fact that I am American, and I found the Syrian people to be very friendly and hospitable. Anyone who knows anything about Arab culture has heard that Arabs are famous for their hospitality. And it was so true. It is part of their tradition to offer tea and coffee to everyone, and we were invited into many homes, and even practically invited ourselves into their homes in some cases! That happened in some of the outlying Bedouin and Kurdish villages. It was fascinating and entirely enjoyable.

Here are some more facts many Americans don’t know about Syria:

In 1982 President Bashar Assad’s father, the late President Hafiz Assad brutally and severely put down an uprising organized by the Islamic extremist group The Muslim Brotherhood, killing over 10,000 people. This was an attempt by the Muslim extremists to takeover the secular government, which is overseen by the Baath Party to this day. It can also be seen as a kind of Civil War, similar to our own in some respects, in which secularism won out over Islamic fundamentalism. How many Americans know that?

Many Americans are under the impression that Syria’s government is a brutal Islamic government that insists that all women are covered head to toe in burkas (such as women wore in Afghanistan under the Taliban) and subjugated like slaves to men. You cannot even buy a burka in Syria! We tried! Most women in Syria dress much like American women do, although some wear a “hejab?, which is a scarf to cover their hair. We did see some women dressed entirely in black robes, some covering their faces, but we were told that they were Iranian Shiites, making pilgrimages to the great mosques in Damascus and Aleppo. Even many of them were walking around independently of men.

When I was in Syria, we witnessed men and women who inter-related in the same manner they do here in the United States— relaxing in restaurants together, smoking the “hubbly-bubbly? hookahs together, working together and so on. This is not what most Americans envision, and there is a reason for that. Our Zionized government and media have purposefully tried to present Syria as a “terrorist? country that Americans must fear, in order to justify war (or “kosher? terrorism).

The fact is, that the US never did, never would have any enemies in the Arab world if it were not for our government’s unconditional support of Zionist Israel, whose ambitions are to subjugate and exploit the Middle East to suit their racist agenda. And that’s just for starters.

The Arab countries have plenty of oil to sell, and the United States can buy it at below market rates from them, and have been doing so even despite the hostilities and aggravations that US support of imperialist, aggressive Israel causes amongst the Arab people. There are also many other sources of oil that the US utilizes, including Mexico, Venezuela, Canada, and more. The fact is, our government simply does not have to go about getting Arab oil via military force. It’s not about oil, it’s not about “Iraqi freedom?, it’s not about WMD, it’s not about bin Laden, it’s not about Al Queda, it’s not about any threat to the US from Iraq or any Arab country. It’s about the racist Zionist agenda --- Israel’s desire for a “Greater Israel?, perhaps even world domination using the resources of the United States.

There can be no doubt about it: support for Israel = endless war.

Wendy Campbell’s latest documentary “SYRIA: Land of Friendly People and Hidden Treasures?, based on her trip in March and April of 2004 to Syria, will be available in time for Christmas for viewing. For more information, please visit the website of MarWen Media at

Ms. Campbell’s previous documentaries include “Truth: Exposing Israeli Apartheid?(presents concrete evidence that there is apartheid, ethnic cleansing and general brutal, relentless persecution of non-Jews inside Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories) and “Neturei Karta: Jews Against Zionism? (an interview with Rabbi Weiss who explains how Zionism is the exact opposite of Torah-true Judaism), and “Rosa Remembers Palestine? (an interview with a Palestinian woman who shares her personal story of how she and hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were chased from their homes because of Zionist terror in 1948 when the Jewish state of Israel was created).


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Re: Wendy Campbell: Let's Get Clear on Syria

Its time for women to be heads of state in all the nations of the world, —and I dont mean patriarchal male wanna bees like Margaret Thatcher. Women are expected to have children, raise them for 18 years and then allow the male sociopaths of their respective nations to use them in their sadistic wars.
If these alpha male baboons want to wage war, let them all go and kill each other and leave our kids out of it.


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