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Free Video Showing and Discussion about Homelessness

Free Video showing and discussion with Attorney Kate Wells about the pending federal lawsuit to overturn the sleeping ban in Santa Cruz
Free Video Showing and Discussion

Faces Of Homelessness

Produced by The National Coalition For The Homeless.

The video will be followed by a discussion with Attorney Kate Wells about the pending Federal lawsuit to overturn the Sleeping Ban in Santa Cruz.

Time: Monday Dec 20th, 2004 7PM – 9PM.

Location: Upstairs in room 22 of the Vets Hall, 846 Front St. Santa Cruz, CA.

Refreshments provided. Donations accepted. No one turned away for lack of funds.

This event is sponsored by the Human Rights Organization, PO Box 332, Santa Cruz, CA 95061 phone: 831-425-4467 and by Homeless United For Friendship and Freedom phone: 831-423-4833 (423-HUFF).

Are you concerned about the impact on the health and welfare of the poor and homeless due to the harsh Santa Cruz Downtown Ordinances? In the city of Santa Cruz, 1500 to 2000 people experience homelessness on any one night --- 33% of them children. The homeless Service Center reports only 120 emergency shelter spaces are provided in the Winter and 39 spaces in the Spring through Fall.

There are five municipal codes in Santa Cruz that criminalize homelessness with attacks on conduct essential to health and life (sleeping, camping, covering up, begging and sitting). Police use MC 6.36.010a (The Sleeping Ban), MC 6.36.010c (The Camping Ban), MC 6.36.010b (The Blanket Ban), MC 9.10.00a (The Begging Ban) and MC 9.50.012 (The Sitting Ban) to arrest and harass the poor. The purpose is to drive them out or otherwise render them invisible. We believe that these types of ordinances violate various provisions of the Bill of Rights. In these times of ever widening economic inequality, the poor are not the only victims. Our sense of community and civil society is under attack.

A copy of the above flyer may be downloaded by clicking here:
HRODecember04Flyer2.pdf (66 k)
(Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

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Re: Free Video Showing and Discussion about Homelessness

Great! I'm glad you are doing this. I will be there.

HRO Fundraiser raises $1840.00

Kudos to Bob Patton, Bernard Klitzner, and John Thielking for their fundraising showing of the film "Faces of Homelessness" on Monday night at the Vets Hall. The hat was passed and participants contributed $1840 towards a federal lawsuit against the City of Santa Cruz> The suit will fault the City of Santa Cruz for denying homeless people the right to sleep at night or to cover up with blankets and keep warm. Attorney Kate Wells (who spoke at the event) estimated the suit would cost between $5000 and $10,000 excluding attorney's fees. Wells, Berkeley Civil Rights Attorney David Beauvais, and local Attorney Paul Sanford have all donated their legal services.


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