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The Worldwide Ruling Class - Worker Bee Model, Still Going Strong In The 21st Century

Old Testament religions are setup to preserve the Ruling Class - Worker Bee model, which began about 8,500 years ago. Old Testament religions are about legitimizing land ownership, taxes, the exploitation of natural resources, social stratification, and wealth generation; not about spirituality. Civilization is the domestication of humans by other humans.
An excerpt from the book, The Gospel Writers, at

Civilization is the domestication of humans by other humans. In fact, we are the only indigenous life on our planet who tries to domesticate each other, along with other animals. This domestication can range from a mild form, which helps us to adapt to close-quarters living in population centers, or the more severe form which uses ghosts, gods, spooks, and spirits as a tool for domestication. The earliest domestication of significance is the form developed by walled city-states in Mesopotamia c.6.500 BCE. At this time, democratic assemblies were being replaced by kingships; and as we know kingships eventually were replaced by hereditary monarchies.

From those who have not read the book, The Gospel Writers, I often get the question, "How do you know for sure that there is no god?" I answer them in this way, "There is only one way to prove to you that a god does not exist; and that is, to prove to you why one does."

If you were a young member of the Ruling Class, not to be confused with the Upper Class wealthiest minority, and you asked me to teach you the secret studies known only to the Ruling Class, the Ruling Class Figure Heads (kings, queens, etc.), and the Priests, I would reveal to you, the following:

I would start by saying that it is all about "legitimizing ownership." That's the key. When a potter makes a pot, he has the right to do with it what he wants, including charging you for using it. When a basket weaver makes a basket, he has the right to do with it what he wants, including charging you for using it. When a god makes a planet, he has the right to do with it what he wants, including charging you for using it.

Ruling Class - Lesson Number I

To own something that was never yours to own in the first place, requires that some kind of "original owner" exist, and that this "original owner" (at a minimum) "gave" it to you.

Ruling Class - Lesson Number II

When the original owner cannot be found, such as the "original owner" of the land, invent one. Tell the people on the land that the "original owner" is an all powerful god, and that you have spoken with this god, and that this god has given you all of the land as a gift for being a good and just person; and because that god knows that you will make sure that all of the people on the land will worship that god. Why a fictitious god, you ask? Because at this time in history, a god (like a Supreme Court) would be the highest "Legal Authority" in the land and therefore any laws and contracts (rulings) handed down by a god could not at this time, be nullified or overturned. Clever legal loophole, wouldn't you say? Make sure you call it a lord (top authority) god; a lower ranking god will not work.

And, do not be naive and think that your army alone will keep the people submissive to your will. They must believe that you have the legal right by divine authority to take control of the land; otherwise you will spend much of your time and money trying to put down rebellions that will spring up from time to time.

Ruling Class - Lesson Number III

You do not need to brainwash them extensively with religion. Because, what they worship is generally unimportant, as long as you maintain ownership of the land by (fictitious) divine authority, which will allow you to control the people on the land. The people know, that for anyone banished from the land, it will mean agonizing loneliness (because they do not speak the languages of the people in other lands) and eventually death. You can always threaten someone with banishment, if they try to rebel and make any statement that refutes your fictitious legal right.

Ruling Class - Lesson Number IV

Once you have told the lie, you can never admit to anyone that the "original owner," (the maker of the land -- a god) never existed. You must silence or kill anyone who tries to say that the "original owner" never existed, or that the whole thing was a hoax to steal the land from the people on the land.

Ruling Class - Lesson Number V

There is an alternative to silencing or killing the people who do not support the "original owner" hoax or idea. Buy their loyalty; but buy it with something that costs you nothing to give away. Tell them that the "original owner" will grant them "immortality" in exchange for worship and belief in him, as the "original owner." In addition, tell them that this immortality will be spent in a place of great beauty and love, where they can be reunited with loved ones who have already died.

And they will be gullible enough to believe you. Why?

Because everything comes back to life after dearth, such as the Sun each day, the Trees each spring, and even you by way of your first-born son; who looks like you.

Ruling Class - Lesson Number VI

To get the people to work the land that you have now stolen from them, using Lessons 1-4 previously discussed, so that they will generate wealth for you and other Ruling Class members, tell the people that it is the "original owner's" wish that they toil and suffer, so that when they get to that place of great beauty and love, they will appreciate it more. And, that they will never have to work again, once they get there. Plus, they will always be loved and never abandoned by the "original owner."

Ruling Class - Lesson Number VII

Tell the people that the "original owner" is invisible and cannot be seen or described. And, that the "original owner," has no name; in other words, he is not like anyone the people might have heard of before or might run across later.

Tell them also, that the "original owner" can see into their hearts and minds, twenty-four hours a day, ever day of the year. And that, the "original owner" will know, by looking into their hearts and minds, if they do not love him in return or are thinking of abandoning him, (even though he would never think to stop loving them or of abandoning them). This will make them feel very fearful from being under a watchful and invisible eye every moment of their life, with absolutely no privacy anywhere on the planet, and feel very guilty for not loving and staying with someone who loves them. In other words, someone who would never abandon them or become disloyal. This fear and guilt will help them to remain loyal.

Ruling Class - Lesson Number VIII

Remember to tell the people that the Earth was made by the "original owner" in 6,500 BCE; so they do not go looking for the "democratic" non-kingship model, prior to that time. You do not want the Ruling Class - Worker Bee model to be discovered, as the hoax it is; or you will have an expensive and time consuming rebellion on your hands.

The Math and the Perception of Time

The Hoax Version

a. - 6,500 BCE + 2,003 CE = 8,503 years since the hoax for stealing land has been going on.

b. - 6,500 BCE + 2,003 CE = 8,503 years since the Jewish god created the Earth and all the life forms on the planet.

c. - 8,503 divided by 8,503 = 1.00 or 100% of the time, civilization has been going on the way we want them to believe it has. Therefore, it is perfectly normal to live life the way they currently are and there was no other type, ever.

The Truthful Version

a. - 6,500 BCE + 2,003 CE = 8,503 years since the hoax for stealing land has been going on.

b. - 150,000 - 120,000 years since our species has been on Earth (anatomically modern Late Pleistocene humans - from Mitochondrial Eve - White et al. 2003).

c. - 8,503 divided by 135,000 (arithmetic mean) = 6.3 percent of the time.

The hoax for stealing land has been going on for less than 10% of the time since we, anatomically modern Late Pleistocene humans, have been on Earth. Or, about 472 generations of your ancestors out of about 7,500 generations of your ancestors. In other words, an extremely brief time; and not a very long time as Old Testament religions and the Ruling Class need the Worker Bees to believe. Conceal this at all costs forever or we, the Ruling Class, Old Testament religions, and Figure Heads, are all doomed.

And, even though Turkey was the real "Cradle of Civilization," tell them that Mesopotamia was instead. We don't want them to know about Turkey either.

Next week, we will teach you how to keep this newly stolen land wealth in your family, through the use of a new invention called "Hereditary Monarchies." It's a more advanced version of the hoax you are currently using for your kingships, and it will keep democratic assemblies from forming once again (such as those prior to 6,500 BCE), after your death. End of Lessons.

As I mentioned early, I would answer them in this way, "There is only one way to prove to you that a god does not exist; and that is, to prove to you why one does," which was for the purpose of land ownership and taxes.

Whether it was the LORD of the gods, Yahweh (Jewish god of the Hebrews), during the time of Moses, or the LORD of the gods, Marduk, during the time of King Cyrus of Persia (see Cyrus Cylinder -- The British Museum in London), LORD gods were legal and social domestication tools for the Ruling Class and their Figure Heads and nothing more.

a. - Ownership of the land.

b. - Ownership of everything on the surface of the land, including water.

c. - Ownership of everything below the surface of the land, such as gold, diamonds, granite, limestone, etc.

d. - Ownership of everything living or dead on top off or below the surface of the land.

Including the taxes collected on the land of our planet, how many billions upon billions upon billions of dollars would you expect the dollar amount that this land-and-tax hoax represents, which also included all mineral rights, lumber, animals for food and trade goods, water rights, etc.?

Do you think some minority Ruling Class group, might lie to keep an aggressive hold on this wealth? How about a religious organization, the ones who legitimized the taking of the land in the first place? Do you think they might lie to keep a firm and continuous hold on this wealth? If you were to suddenly become the inheritor of the same massive chunk of land that King Cyrus of Persia claimed legal ownership of, what would you be willing to do to keep it? And at the same time, what would you be willing to do to keep all the people on that land from rebelling due to your illegal ownership of that land?

Manipulating our ancestors into believing that Old Testament religions were about spirituality, immortality, ethics, and morality, was a ruse to keep them, and now us, focused on something that sounded very important to pay attention to; and simultaneously, away from figuring out the real function of religion.

So are we a modern civilization? Hardly. A very small group of people (wolves) still claim ownership of all of the land and its resources on our planet, which legally belongs to all indigenous flora and fauna on our planet. They acquired ownership, first by fictitious LORD gods, and now they maintain ownership by armies in addition to Old Testament religions. I would expect that when we are tried of being the sheep on our planet, that we will actually move on to become a modern civilization and cage the wolves instead. The first step in doing this will be to completely eliminate Old Testament religions, along with taking back our land and eliminating this Roman property tax nightmare that we are all still living in.

Suggested Readings
Guns, Germs, and Steel by Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Jared Diamond, Ph.D
Liberating The Caged Human Animal by Dr. Peter Hercules M.D.

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Re: The Worldwide Ruling Class - Worker Bee Model, Still Going Strong In The 21st Century

I Agree! All the "gods" are nothing more than cosmic ventriliquist's dummied operated by the worlds elites.

Its all about obedience.

The purpose of these "gods" (cosmic cops) is to be mouthpieces of the various men in power.

Erich Fromm in his book "To Have or to Be? proved that there was NEVER separation of church and state!

Each works hand in hand to protect their hierarchys of power by requiring OBEDIENCE!

The state enforces obedience by physical threats of jail and beatings, while the church equates DISOBEDIENCE with SIN! Thus "god" threatens to fry us in hell if we disobey.

Read the Chalice and the Blade to learn about early Goddess cultures in which blind
obedience and sheep-like behavior was not required.

The world is not going to pieces becuse men are rampaging out of control. Its being destroyed because too many men (cops and soldiers and torturers) are too sheep-like and obedient. (ve vass just following orderz)


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