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A Dissenter's Must-See Video - "Censored in America - 2004 in Protest"

Censored in America - 2004 in Protest
by Kali Autumn Lynn Sunday, Dec. 26, 2004 at 12:49 AM
kali (at)

2004 Was yet another banner year for censorship and repression of free speech. Yet millions of Americans hit the streets in protest. This video shows America in action and makes you wonder, but for our sell out media, what kind of popular movement would we have today?

Please go (If this link does not function, PLEASE try the Cleveland will love this!)
RealVideo: stream with RealPlayer or download RM file (11.1 mebibytes)

While America was crying out against the rapid erosion of our civil rights, the creation of a police state called America, and the existance of a United States terrorist training facility located in georgia, corporate media continued to sell us Lacey Peterson and whiter teeth. The degree to which we do not want the war in Iraq is clear yet the convergence of corporate and government interests is having its effect, a society that believes nothing can be done and nothing is being done. This short video is vitaly important in that it shows that America is at its heart alive with the spirit of rebellion, willing to fight for democracy. We are a nation in rebellion and most of the country doesn't realize it. What would happen if the true scope of this were known? Running time approx. 10 minutes file can also be streamed at: rtsp://

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