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Copwatch Educational audio mix

PoP dEFECT Radio: Copwatch educollage mp3 7:10 An educational audio collage of Copwatch Berkley samples from a 1993 Copwatch training video "Refused tobe abused" dos & donts of watching the cops featuring Andrea Pritchett(Copwatch Berkley), Gerald Smith(Slave Revolt Radio), John Crew(ACLU), music by S.W.A.T.
REFUSE to be ABUSED!! YOU have the RIGHT to watch the Cops!! audio link:

News reports on police Violence:

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Here's the audio!

Download the Audio of the Copwatch Educational mix.

Citizens aginst Law Suit Abbuse

Why the Sick of Lawsuits Campaign Was Created
Our healthcare system is under attack by personal injury lawyers who game the legal system for personal profit. These abusive lawsuits threaten the access to and the affordability of healthcare for all and discourage medical innovation. Ultimately, lawsuit abuse hurts patients.

Healthcare for the public good is more important than profits for personal injury lawyers. We support a system that would compensate those who are injured without costly and time-consuming litigation while preventing our healthcare system from being destroyed by run-away litigation. Successful reform will:

Weed out abusive junk lawsuits.
Put more money in the hands of injured patients and less money in the pockets of personal injury lawyers.
Allow valuable healthcare dollars to be used for patient care instead of defensive medicine and litigation expenses.

Sick of Lawsuits is a nonpartisan, grassroots campaign of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse. We have more than 165,000 supporters across the country including doctors, healthcare professionals, small business owners, attorneys and people from every walk of life.


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