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Live Wild or Die

The website contains essays on how humans were domesticated and how we can re-wild and what it truly means to be wild and free.
Here is an article from There are many other inspiring ones that can lead us to freedom from fear and toward the sanity of nature. I came across this site by pure luck. Utopia Bold

Hominid Domestication (Would you like fries with that?)
by Rick Reese

Once we learned how to domesticate livestock, we discovered that hominids could also be domesticated - by using similar coercive techniques. The history of civilization is, after all, essentially a story about controlling and exploiting large herds of domesticated hominids. Interestingly, the domestication of hominids is one major event missing on every timeline depicting the important events of history.

Domesticated hominids were not as fast as horses, nor as strong as oxen, nor as sharp as coyotes, but we did have some unique traits. Our unusually dexterous primate hands were good for performing a wide variety of physical tasks. The most carefully bred strains of domesticated hominids were so docile that they could be used to perform extremely tedious, back-breaking, and/or dangerous types of work - mining, logging, plowing, pyramid building, factory work, computing. Modern industrial civilization would be impossible without domesticated hominids.

In the early days of colonial New England, the Indians drove the Puritans crazy. The Indians had real problems with bowing and submitting to the designated (white) Big Man. Indians only paid homage to individuals whom they chose to - and only because these chosen individuals were genuinely worthy of sincere homage. The Indians thought for themselves, and made their own decisions. Can you imagine a world where you didn't automatically submit to authority figures - because there were none? Can you imagine a world without rulers and slaves, without owners and property, without the demented belief in human superiority? Can you imagine being wild and free?

In our culture, the concept of wild and free always has a superlative meaning - there is no higher state. Wild and free means unspoiled, untamed, unbridled, unlimited. It means pure, natural, normal, good. It means strong, healthy, alive, living life to the fullest, bursting with vitality. It means having incredible awareness, razor sharp senses, a clear balanced whole mind. Wild and free is the ideal state, the zenith, the divine, the pinnacle of existence - the way things were meant to be.

But in our culture, we rarely talk about wildness and freedom - and when we do, it's usually to discuss other species. We don't often dream about being wild and free. We have a hard time even imagining what being wild and free would feel like. We have lost our desire to be wild and free. We have essentially forgotten what it means. We're afraid of it. Something inside us has died. When a domesticated rabbit has been held captive long enough, it will remain in its cage even when the door is left open. And we do, too. It's so sad. The process of taming a wild horse is called breaking it. Domesticated hominids are also broken beings.

Broken beings create broken worlds. Wild and free people would have never created the early Fertile Crescent civilizations. They wouldn't have created the Roman Empire or the British Empire. They had utterly no use for bicycles, computers, solar panels, or refrigerators. Wild and free people were beings of great integrity and dignity. They almost never gained fame for their savage barbarism, because they were gentle people. Really, the Earth Crisis is something that could only be created by domesticated hominids - people capable of blindly obeying brutal self-centered power-crazed leaders who hated themselves and hated all life.

Is it possible for domesticated hominids to ever be a component in any form of a truly sustainable future? Is it possible for domesticated hominids to escape from their mental chains and return to being wild and free? Where is the path home?

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