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Democrats get a spine!

One of the most fun and creative actions of the week might have been the Backbone Campaign's trip to the Democratic National Headquarters in Washington D.C.
spine - 1.JPG
A huge spine wound its way to the national headquarters of the Democratic Party the day after the Unauguration, a special delivery that recieved no notice from the office-bound democrats. Activists from all over the country carried the spine, singing (to the tune of that Hip Bone song--you know, "the hip bone's connected to the.... thigh bone"). I think it's called "Dry Bones"

Old Growth's connected to...
Clean Air
Clean Air's connected to...
Health Care
Health Care's connected to...
Fair Tax

That's an agenda with SPINE!!!

Fair Tax's connected to...
Living Wage
Living Wage's connected to...
Fair Trade
Fair Trade's connected to...
Human Rights

That's an agenda with SPINE!!!

Human Rights's connected to...
No War
No War's connected to...
the Environment
the Environment's connected to...
Old Growth (repeat)

The spine featured 'suggestions' for a radical shift in Democratic policies, away from war profiteering and neoliberalism and towards progressive social, environmental and economic justice values, including "Democratize Public Airwaves."

spine - 2.JPG
spine - 3.JPG
spine - 4.JPG
spine - 5.JPG
spine - 6.JPG
spine - 7.JPG

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Re: Democrats get a spine!

loved this page -- and the song lyrics. A very creative event!

Re: Democrats get a spine!

We have a number of tools for progressives, including a template for a placard version of the Spine, which we hope to see in marches around the country March 19th. Please contact me if you are interested. bill (at)


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