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Santa Cruz IMCistas Report from D.C.

Local activists danielsan & brian went to Washington D.C. to provide alternative news and information about the actions and events coinciding with the coronation of King George II. Among the tactics used to dispatch news out of our nations occupied Capitol were phone calls to free radio santa cruz as well as publishing serveral articles on santa cruz indymedia's open publishing newswire.

They attended a Code Pink action where chapters from across the country organized a chilly welcome for attendees of the Gold and Boots Ball the night before the Coronation, greeting fur-and-heel-wearing, cowboy themed tuxedo couples and corporate gentry with Hallibacon, snout-wearing well-wishers, and stacks of cash with everyone's favorite Dick printed on them. [ read more and view photos ]

danielsan & brian also attended a Black Block March to the security perimiter as the official Inaugural Parade began. Several skirmishes with police resulted and the march was turned back from the security perimeter. Smaller groups eventually broke through the fence, burned some pieces of red, white, and blue cloth, clashed with pepper sprayering riot cops, and mingled with lines and lines of Bush supporters waiting to get through security. [ read more and view photos ]

One of the most fun and creative actions of the week might have been the Backbone Campaign's trip to the Democratic National Headquarters in Washington D.C. A huge spine wound its way to the national headquarters of the Democratic Party the day after the Unauguration, a special delivery that recieved no notice from the office-bound democrats. Activists from all over the country carried the spine, singing (to the tune of that Hip Bone song--you know, "the hip bone's connected to the.... thigh bone"). I think it's called "Dry Bones" [ read more and view photos ]

[ Code Pink I Inaguration Media Coalition I Counter-Inaugural I Infoshop I Backbone Campaign I DC Indymedia ]


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Re: Santa Cruz IMCistas Report from D.C.

Great coverage, guys. Thanks for representing Santa Cruz. I loved the Spine and the Swine demonstration.


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