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Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez speak at the Rio

The event with Ralph Nader was a smashing success
Summary of the nights events at the Monday 1-24-05 Ralph Nader gathering at 7:30PM to 11:30PM at the Rio Theater in Santa Cruz:

Person outside with a sign was denouncing Nader for spoiling the election (sore loser from 2000, but not 2004?)

Inside, the auditorium was about 3/4 full.

Martin Smith from the UCSC group the International Socialist Organization gave a speech about how the democrats are drifting increasingly towards the right.

Todd Landis, representing the Felton group, FLOW , gave a speech about water privatization.

Louie Lafortune MC'd the event.

In between speakers, the Dance Brigade beat on some drums, at one point chanting "Get out of Iraq".

Matt Gonzalez spoke, then Ralph Nader. Ralph Nader focused on the war in Iraq for much of his talk. He mentioned that politics these days are so anemic that it makes the proposals put forward by Richard Nixon look good. One of Nixon's programs was a basic income for everyone, promptly rejected by Congress of course. Ralph Nader also called for the impeachment of George W. Bush, for lying about why he went to war.

In the question and answer period Ralph was asked about the war but also about other subjects. He was asked about the Santa Cruz sleeping ban and said that he thought it was unjust harrasment of homeless people and he railed against rich folks who make money off of the expensive real estate in Santa Cruz.

When one question was asked of him as to weather or not he thought that 9-11 could have been an inside job, this was the one question that he seemed to strongly dissagree with. He said that the books on the subject raise questions that need to be investigated, but one should not confuse that type of book with one that presents an actual hypothesis.

At the very end a struggling author got up on stage to plug his new book, Letters From Kikiallus, a book about his experience and vision as an organic farmer.

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Re: Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez speak at the Rio

>one should not confuse
>that type of book with
>one that presents an actual

Actually, I think what he said was that these books are, by and large, not presenting facts so much as they are presenting plausible hypotheses.


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