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UNIONS and the Fog of Delirium behind its Concept: A Reality Check.

UNIONS and the Fog of Delirium behind its Concept – A Reality Check.
UNIONS and the Fog of Delirium behind its Concept – A Reality Check.
By: sQuiggLE ~

This article was sort of fueled by reading a post on indymedia. The article was entitled “When Cops Are More Unionized Than Most All?. To quote the article; “What would send all the dead trade unionists spinning in their graves? The fact that cops are more unionized than almost all other groups of workers in the United States today.?
First, I would like to thank the author of the mentioned article for fueling this here. The purpose of this is to point out the ridiculous concept of sanctity through unionized workplaces. It is not to criticize all those who submit (willingly or not) to wage labor - the continuation of the capitalist work ethic. Unfortunately, we live in a world of compromise. Our dreams and aspirations are left behind in the toxic smoke of techno-industrial societies’ threats of production. We are faced with the lethality of ‘work or suffer’. So, this is not an attack on the compromise of oneself to work, instead this is an aim at critical analysis of struggle for unionization at the workplace.
Indymedia tends to draw a lot of progressives who seem to have a lot of interest in finding legitimacy within the system through many means including: unions, the fight for “more rights, “fighting? (more like begging) for more liberal and “compassionate? laws to be written out by the bureaucrats etc. This reformist “struggle? fails to come to terms and realization of what it is they are encountering. Instead, they fade their face away in the illusions of echoing demands for “justice? within the dark, unanswering confines of the social order. These “radicals? fail to see the irrelevance of the unionized workplace in the context of a world ravaged by industry and it’s institutions of slavery.
While driving along the interstate, I pass by toxic factories. I freeze in the boiling horrendousness of mile upon mile of smokestacks along I-95. I cringe at the disgust of industries’ told tale of domestication and destruction – visible in any city – knowing instinctively, and whole-heartedly… there is NO excuse for this. The filthy infrastructure serves as horrid reminders of civilization’s deep domestication of the once natural world; the earth being re-claimed as the Mecca for techno-industrialism’s symbols of “progress? – and at any cost. It serves to remind one that we all live in a prison in which we are threatened with the need to produce for the commodity culture or become a part in maintaining the apparatus of this destructive system. It is vital to recognize the culture’s infrastructure as the fatal and very real threat of life being second to technological advancement – being played out before our dreary eyes. “Life? within the context of this death culture is prostituted to wage labor- to keep the gears turning. Any institution or place, in which the selling of one’s life to the capitalist state takes place, must be recognized as an enemy to those who struggle for an enriched, self-determined life. Work places should serve as an adamant disrespect to anyone interested in living a free life.
It is very appalling to hear/see that there are “radicals? working for “more rights? and unions within the work environment instead of towards the complete abolition of work. I can only doubt the legality of those supposed anarchists who when confronted with the institutions of production, jump at the hope of “unionizing the workplace? – as this will bring us one step closer to a more “just? and “equal? world in their eyes. The very existences of these symbols of industry are apparently not enough to worry them. As long as the workers at the uranium mine are well paid, and the maintenance workers of the nuclear facilities are given enough workers compensation, nothing is going wrong here, despite the fact that these factories are impeding on all life. Their trail of terror left evident in the toxic waste, pollution, and the soil that is left infertile and radioactive. Hence, those not for the total abolition of work and the work place lack an ecological approach vital in times like these, in which we face the rapid approach of ecological collapse.
I suppose what seems most worrisome about this unionist approach is the denial of severity of today’s crisis. The fact that they merely go on with their “demands for better worker treatment? and attempts to stabilize and build on a decaying existence.
They seem not troubled by a culture that truly is making the earth close to uninhabitable. They seem content with a filthy existence of factories and smokestacks that are smothering the land, choking us dead with despair. I don’t know that I’ll ever fully comprehend the anarcho-worker type (platformists) approach to the mess we’re faced with. I can just scour at the thought of them for now, wondering how far their own political agendas will take them till the empire they’ve built on with their own doctrines for “equality? and “fair? trade and “workers’ rights? collapses before their eyes in the midst of a global civilization that is ravaging the earth. Those who continue to negotiate and work within the context of political systems for their own ‘cause’ will forever be masquerades for actual change.
I suppose what it comes down to, is some people are not bothered by the dirty air they breathe in, or by the fact that animals and eco-systems are becoming extinct faster than techna-advancement could ever have imagined. As some of us work towards the complete abolition of work, many will tread on in the delirium of politics. I cringe when I see the smokestacks’ horrid and arrogant invasion of the land. I get nauseas thinking of the possibility of never seeing an end to the de-forestation and continuous building of MORE infrastructure as technology ‘further advances’. I’m scared of living in a world that the system’s lackeys are claiming for themselves. I live in a world where I see more buildings than trees. The earth is dying. I’m scared, but not more scared than I am angry and full of hatred. The hatred has been brewing for ?? years, and it’s getting bolder and more intense. I go on with the hope for the impossible in the wake of yesterdays’, today’s’ and probably tomorrows’ sorrow.

- For a world in which I will no longer have to compromise my dignity and my dreams and my feelings and my yearning to be this crazed, carefree kid that is slowly being revealed and left behind the same… for a world where I can see the stars at night. For chaos. - sQuiggLE ~

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Re: UNIONS and the Fog of Delirium behind its Concept: A Reality Check.

i can relate to what you're saying.. like why should i give money to cancer research when we really dont need any more research. we need less pollution.

this last year i was thinking about writing a letter of apology to the amish and native americans. weve all made fun of them, but then i thought, their way of living hasn't hurt the earth like everyone else's has. we really do have something to learn from them.

so first to break free from the computer...


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