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'Sanitized downtown would leave much to be desired'

'\'Sanitized\' downtown would leave much to be desired\r\n\r\nby Daniel Schwartz\r\n(Appeared in the Sentinel\'s Insight section on August 25

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Clean it up

I've lived in Santa Cruz for my whole life, and I enjoy its unique lifestyle. Yet I also can't stand it. The fact of the matter is that although we love our beloved downtown, the past few years have made it an undesirable place for many people to go to. Aggressive pan-handling, hacky-sackers, homeless, and now recently Salinas-style shootings are starting to make businesses jittery about staying here in the first place.

It's all very sad but true. A sidewalk is called a sidewalk because people walk on it. You don't sit on it. You don't play games on it. Uou don't sleep on it like it was park. It's a sidewalk. See? Not that hard to see what it means. Side...walk.

Sorry Norse, but this is just another fine example of how people in this town defend liberties almost to the extreme and make fools out of themselves in the process. I recently befriended two visiting Slovakians who were visiting and working in the States for a month. Being fairly left-wing like myself, and coming from a country with a socialist background, they admitted that Santa Cruz was "not fun and your downtown is dirty," mainly due to the so-called 'socially progressive' policies that this town says it champions. My Slovak friends also admitted that they felt Monterey was much "cleaner, friendlier," and was happily free of "all those damned homeless" than Santa Cruz was.

Message to Santa Cruz is simple: we're the jokes of the Bay Area. Everyone's trying so hard to be a non-comformist here that no one can agree to anything, and when a decision is made, it's touted as undemocratic. This is hardly a model representation of a liberal society that we claim to be. Henceforth, no wonder why people, those from across the bay, over the Hill, around the U.S. and even from Europe say we're continually stuck in the '60s, and forever will be. Santa Cruz is so determined to stay in the radical Left that we've become conservative to the core.

This applies to downtown, as nothing will be agreed on, and businesses will suffer because of the area's continuing state of decline.

I love Santa Cruz because it's so different, and I hate Santa Cruz because it's so different.

I'm sorry

I just awoke from the most disturbing dream. I was floating through space with my head up my ass. When I was finally able to wrench my head from my tightly clenched buttocks, I saw a city unlike any city. It is there that I now know I must move. Salt Lake City. I am sorry if I offended any of the writers of these articles, in fact I must admit i seldom read them. I am merely lonely and am projecting my inner strife onto the outside world I now live in. I now know this.
My family life was rough, but my father taught me strong moral values and spanked me often, hard and fast. I must now go where more fathers spank respect and decency into their children and leave this city to the hopelessly lost.

Dick Cheney

Nice Work Dan

I believe whole heartedly with what Daniel Schwartz is saying, It is not wrong for children to gather in such a culturally diverse area as down town. I've been to malls where there is just fast food and big buisness, it's bland, there is no sence of personallity. So don't attack the poor and the homeless children who flock to down town to find acceptance, rather accept them into society, care for them, that is what I want my tax dollars going towards, the well being of EVERYONE is important, just like your well being is important. Sincerelly, Gabriel

ps. Besides, daniel is a wonderful teacher, me being one of his students.

2 sides to every story

I was walking down pacific ave one night when a young downtown punk went up to me and said, "give me 50 cents!" in a very aggresive manner. people cant even eat sushi w/o seeing someone masturbate on the street. when is this $hit going to end? the older mentally-ill folks and the veterans are generally peaceful, but something needs to be done about those younger punks who come to santa cruz so they can panhandle enough change to buy there next bag of herb. the vets and the ill have real problems, and the young shitheads are making things worse for the people who really nead help. they feel as though they have the god-given right to everyone elses money just because they are sitting on the street asking for it. I wish I could travel the country (or the world) and have everyone else pay for my food and put me up for the night. the city of santa cruz does not have the responsibility to feed and house every person that steps into the city limits. the rest of us pay well over $500 a month for a place to sleep, not including food and utilities. why should some young shithead who ran away because his parents wouldnt let him smoke weed in the house get a free ride while the rest of us work are asses off? something needs to be done so people can enjoy downtown free of harrassment, from both citizens and police. the ordinances are tough, and they often target the wrong people, but how do you suggest we create a harrassment-free downtown? knowone wants to watch someone jerking-off while they're trying to eat raw fish, and nobody deserves to get harrassed just because some freeloader wants their change. if these people werent so aggresive and indecent, then these ordinances wouldnt exist in the first place.

Re: Sanitized downtown would leave much to be desired


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