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Make downtown SC SUV Free! Anti-War protest Sunday!

Stop the War! Make downtown SC, SUV free!

Sundays 12noon – 2pm
Downtown Santa Cruz (outside New Leaf)
Tired of wandering around on the weekend looking for a place to buy more stuff you don’t need? Don’t want to waste money on another mediocre Hollywood film but don’t know what else to do?

Then take a break from the monotony of materialism and dedicate two hours of your life to demonstrating against the War in Iraq. Join fellow angry citizens every Sunday from 12noon to 2pm outside New Leaf Market in downtown Santa Cruz. Bring signs and be prepared to give a big thumbs down to anyone driving an exceptionally large SUV. This is a DIY protest so just show up with your sign and the courage to exercise those 1st Amendment rights.

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Re: Make downtown SC SUV Free! Anti-War protest Sunday!

Can I also excersise my Constitutional rights to purchase as large a vehical I wand, to consume as much fuel as I'm willing to pay for and allow my taxes to pave as much of this great land as possible.

Re: Make downtown SC SUV Free! Anti-War protest Sunday!

To My Rights, your rights end where other people's and Earth's well-being begins.

If you mess up the world for "other" people by over consuming resources and creating smog, you are shooting yourself in the foot by also messing it up for your self —since you are also part of the world and must breathe the same smoggy air as everyone else.

Selfishness is self-destructive.

Make downtown SC Idiot Free

Make downtown SC Idiot Free, and there won't be an "anti-war" protest

Re: Make downtown SC SUV Free! Anti-War protest Sunday!

SUV owners already pay sky-high annual car tax to the DMV.

SUV owners pay more gasoline tax.

SUV owners pay more money to oil and gas companies, which creates more jobs which provides health care benefits to more employees, their spouses, and their dependent children.

Oil and gas companies then pay more to the Environmental Protection Agency in Environmental Offset Fees, for all the gas they refine and sell to SUV owners.

As a result, SUV owners put more money into tax-funded conservation efforts and tax-funded road maintenance than you do, as well as more money into job-creation.

Civilization, like the eco system, is a tangled web of inter-dependency and mutual benefit. You would do well to learn that. Your us versus them hate mongering is petty and short sighted

Re: Make downtown SC SUV Free! Anti-War protest Sunday!

which side are YOU on?

Re: Make downtown SC SUV Free! Anti-War protest Sunday!

"pick a side"?

That's right, Mr. Bush. You're either with us, or you're with the enemy. We will not tolerate anyone trying to alter our myopic binary world view. This isn't about truth or facts or logic, it's war!


Really, listen to yourself. You might figure out why no one else listens to you.

Re: Make downtown SC SUV Free! Anti-War protest Sunday!

Giving thumbs down to SUV owners may not be appropriate considering the support that Peace Friday protesters often get from those same people. There is an alternate protest planned at the same time (12 noon Sunday) at the Post Office in Freedom (near Watsonville) at Freedom blvd and Airport Blvd. Ed Fry is putting this on. His website, which presents his viewpoints in the third person, is .

Re: Make downtown SC SUV Free! Anti-War protest Sunday!

That's right, buy their support by forgiving their transgressions against Our Mother Earth just so you can get some more honks for your tired war protest. War against any nation is war on the environment herself! Or haven't you thought that far?


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