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Nader, Gonzalez, Landis, Smith, Lafortune

Hundreds of people came out to the Rio Theater on January 24. The event featured talks by Ralph Nader, Matt Gonzalez, Todd Landis, and Martin Smith, and performance by the Dance Brigade. Local Green Party organizer, Louis Lafortune, MCd the show.

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Ralph should thank you

All these photos are very nice, as usual Matt, but that last photo of Ralph is so amazing!!!

Here are some links to Nader websites:

The Wikipedia for Ralph Nader probably has the best photo out there, but the dead-on angle is too much. Anyways, keep up the great work!

Re: Nader, Gonzalez, Landis, Smith, Lafortune

I'm amazed at how long Ralph has been fighting the good fight! How does he do it for decades and never run out of steam? I wonder if he has a spiritual practice and what it is regarding his unending energy!

Re: Nader, Gonzalez, Landis, Smith, Lafortune

He's a MILLIONAIRE, that's how!

Re: Nader, Gonzalez, Landis, Smith, Lafortune

fuck politicians. the "green" and more "liberal" and "compassionate" ones are especially fucked. at least the right wing extremists are honest about their quest for money and the fullfillment of their political agenda. the liberals are only more decietful. illusionary politics. the world isn't becoming a better place with "same sex marraige" or "fair trade unionists". the earth is being rampantly destroyed before our eyes. if people don't start demanding more of their lives OUTSIDE of the context of political affiliation and negotiation, we're doomed. rebellion lies within our hearts.


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