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Woman Shaman

Max Dashu has created thousands of slides of womens history which cover many aspects of how women influenced ancient and modern culture.

She has unearthed womens history which is often obscured by global patriarchy.
Saturday, February 12
Woman Shaman

Max Dashu shows dreamers, drummers, diviners and healers from around
the world. A comprehensive global view of women who invoke Spirit:
ecstatic dancers, medicine women, sky-walkers and women who ride on
tigers and dragons.

The "classic" academic literature on shamanism obscures female
involvement in these transformative arts, but don't be fooled. It
goes deep, and it is vast, as these rare images show...

7:30 PM, at Change Makers for Women, 6536 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
94609. $10-15. Wheelchair access. All are welcome.

Saturday, February 19
The Canaanite and Hebrew Goddess
A continuous stream of Goddess icons flowed from 9000 BCE in the
lands known as Canaan, Judah and Israel, Palestine, Phoenicia and
Lebanon. We'll see ancient figurines (teraphim), serpent vessels,
horned Ashtaroth, Tree of Life ivories, and hear about Ugaritic and
Biblical traditions of Asherah, "progenetrix of the gods," and
Tanit, Qudsu, Khokhmah... presented by Max Dashu, with special guest
Jamie Isman, who will sing some of her compositions.

7:30 PM, at Belladonna, 2436 Sacramento, Berkeley (at Dwight)
$10-15. Wheelchair access. All are welcome.

Max's art will be for sale at this event.

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