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'Protest the Rape of Our Rights on Sep. 9 & 10'

' Reclaim the Streets! Protest the Downtown Ordinances on September 9 and 10! Join in solidarity with activists
the houseless

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'People also might want to consider protesting and speaking out against bad behavior they see downtown. And possibly try to reserve inflammatory language like \'Rape of our Rights\' to those more deserving like John Ashcroft.'

'Saturn is White Supremacist!'

'We are calling for a boycott and protest of Saturn Cafe on their Birthday. Saturn is practicing and promoting white supremacy by their racist treatment of people of color. Saturn needs to be held accountable and not just a space for queer white punks. Join us before the march at Saturn if you have been racially profiled at Saturn or you want to be in solidarity with those that have!'

Saturn is fuct up

Hey Van,

Sorry you don't know me, but fuck off. Obviously you are speaking from a place of privelage. People of color have been treated like utter shit at Saturn, and for those of you who think they are wqual opportunity shitty servers, get real. Stop denying that there is white supremacy in santa cruz and even at your "progressive" supposedly "queer friendly" (read: WHITE queers). Hey Van, this is not about israel, this is about confronting white privelage which is rampant at Saturn. PS: who the fuck are you?

prove it

I am unimpressed. Speaking as a burgeois priviledged dominant middle-class digerati white male yuppie, Ive experienced equal shares of poor and good service at Saturn. It all depends on the individuals waiting tables at the time. Some care more than others. Look at them! It's a crappy minimum-wage food service job. This isn't Black Angus here. Other than the relaxed atmosphere, Im sure the job sucks and they hire just about anyone who will take it.

But you insist they behave in a racist manner. Very well, define for us exactly how this racism manifests.

Bad service, you say? How, precisely? Seating delays? Preferential locations? Delays in delivery of initial drinks, taking orders, delivering orders correctly and in a timely manner, rude comments by staff.. what?

Is it all servers? Only some (which ones?) Is this a recent experience or something that happened X years ago?

All races, or are you generalizing and it's just against blacks, or just against Mexicans, or just against Native Americans, or Middle Easteners, or Asians?

Tell us how to find this racism, by all means.

Unless, of course, you're full of shit.


p.s. Who am I? Im the most active field reporter on this site, as well as the sysadmin of it. I've already put a large chunk of a year of my life into building the SCIMC, and before that Ive reported for SFIMC and LAIMC for 2 years, including D2KLA. I don't even count how many reports Ive filed anymore - all of them under the Network23 brand name. And reputation aside, I still rely on photographic and video documentation in my reports, so that no one has to take my word for anything. THAT'S who I am.

And you're nobody from out of nowhere, making outrageous claims without offering a shred of evidence. Put up or shut up.


keep your egos to yourselves, van, your turning this site into a gossip field. grow up. its really disturbing to read your shitty negative comments. its not necessary on this site. find your own damn forum. keep it real.

I haven't a doubt that the white Priveledged kids who work at saturn dont know how to act towards non-whites. just like in any rich white town. educate. lets not be victimized. its a white town. i dont think there is ring of white supremacy in saturn just fear and ignorance.



You seem like a real asshole. It is liberals like you that make this "progressive" scene so WHITE and fucked. As a man of color I don't have to take shit from your oppressive. I suggest reading up on some anti-white supremacy literature. How do I define racism? well Van if I must: white supremeacy is a system that benefits whites through certain privelages at the expense of non-whites. You have not provided an atmosphere that any person of color would be comfortable to discuss issues of race. You are pathetic. A shred of evidence? You are like the sexists who are all concerned about "alleged" rapes and blame the victim. FUCK YOU.

Note to ester: I DO think there is a ring of white supremacy at Saturn. Lets not pretend it is not. Un-checked white privelage and as you say "fear" and "ignorance" by white people on peoiple of color is white supremacy. Truth hurts. Santa cruz needs some anti white supremacy workshops desperately. I am sick of white people making racism an isue for people of color: it is your fucking issue, deal with it, teach anti-white supreamcy workshops.

oooooookay then

Speaking as a person of color - the color white (who do you think I am, the Invisible Man?) - you can't possibly be such a wingnut as to believe your own hysterics at this point.

Gonna have to call it.

Troll: 1. v.,n. [From the Usenet group alt.folklore.urban] To utter a posting on Usenet designed to attract predictable responses or flames;

And remember kids, just because you're not white doesn't mean you're not a complete idiot. The mental illness of willful stupidity does not discriminate. (If this guy is even white at all. Anyone so hellbent on playing the race card probably has an ulterior motive.)

I would appreciate if, in the future, you cease forcing your opressive generalization of my race to dilute the dynamic cultural distinctiveness of my ethnocentricity. I am not "white". I am a Celto-Franco-Parisian-American.

notorious white supremist, and founder of the fast food chain McWhitey's, aka The Ivory Arches. "Over 30 Billion Opressed." I'm so racist, I even bleach my black cat.

p.s. You have succeeded in amusing me, thank you.



Race card? You sound like a conservative wingnut. "Race card" is a term white people use to minimize a legitamite critque of white supremacy. Sorry to break the news to you but you are not "Celto-Franco-Parisian-American" in the eyes of white privelage, you have white skin privelage, a privelage based on your skin, not on the fact you are a parisian celto or whatever. Right, you are the victim, it seems you, like so many other white supremacists only wish we darkies would "forget" about color. Were all oppressed equall in your eyes. I am sure you have been beat dowm by fascist cops within the last month right? You fucking web dork, looking up definitons to describe me. MOtherfucker, you don't know me, don't pretend you know WHY I posted. I posted because I was thrown out of Saturn for being brown, for being called colored by a manager, fuck you. Report on that asshole.


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