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Flashpoints segment on Noran Deeb

Flashpoints correspondent Nora Barrows-Friedman interviews Gaza Community Mental Health Program Director Dr. Eyad Saraj regarding the death of Noran Deeb, a 10-year-old Palestinian girl killed while entering the UNWRA elementary school in Rafah on Jan. 31.

After giving details of Noran's death, Dr. Saraj relates what he sees day in day out in his work at the GCMHP: the cultural and psychological devastation of Palestinian society under the Israeli occupation. In a manner reminiscent of Ariel Sharon's controversial visit to the Temple Mount in September of 2000, which helped precipitate the now four-year-old Al Aqsa Intifada, the occupation and its deadly attacks actually serve to worsen the very conditions that "require" its presence.

Flashpoints Deeb.mp3 (4847 k)

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Photo of Noran Deeb lacks 'shattered face'

"The bullet entered the back of her head and exploded out of her face." --Flashpoints narrator


Did you see her face 'exploded out'? If this 'fact' is innacurate, what other facts are?


On Monday (1/31), 10-year-old Nuran Deeb was struck by a bullet in southern Gaza and died shortly thereafter. The IDF immediately suggested the gunshots may have come from nearby Palestinians firing celebratory shots in the air. Further, Reuters stated that 'it did not appear that Israeli soldiers some 600 meters away could have seen into the [school] compound from their position behind high walls.'

Despite this, many news agencies were quick to promote the Palestinian version of events, backed by the UN:

? Agence France-Presse, under the headline 'Palestinian schoolgirl shot dead by Israeli troops in Gaza,' prominently quoted the PA prime minister condemning it as 'a crime.' The Israeli denial of responsibility was buried at the very end of the AFP report.

? The Independent based its story on a UN official who directly accused the IDF of firing on Deeb, then passed off IDF spokespersons who denied culpability as 'plainly embarrassed.'

? Knight Ridder-Tribune quoted both Ahmed Qurei decrying the shooting as an IDF 'war crime,' and a UN official condemning 'the Israeli military's indiscriminate firing into civilian areas.'

And this is how a Reuters photo release portrayed the event (emphasis added):

Palestinian women mourn over the body of a 10-year-old girl during her funeral in Rafah refugee camp January 31,2005. Israeli army gunfire killed Noran Deeb in a schoolyard in the southern Gaza Strip on Monday, witnesses said, in an incident that clouded a new spirit of Israeli-Palestinian cooperation. [Reuters]


ANOTHER INNOCENT: Palestinian women mourn the body of 10-year-old Noran Deeb, brought home during her funeral in Rafah refugee camp.

This lopsided version of events appears all the more ludicrous given the Jerusalem Post's report that PA police have now arrested a Palestinian man for the shooting.

Re: Flashpoints segment on Noran Deeb

once more, we get BJ's selective reposting. First, in the pic BJ links to, Noran's head is covered w/ a scarf, so we can't see what it looks like. Here's another photo link:
Again, we can't see the top of the head, but it appears to NOT BE THERE AT ALL! See all the blood on the sheets? That came from somewhere....

Flashpoints narrator is wrong and guilty of incendiary language

Excuse me!! But the Flashpoints narrator said her FACE exploded. I don't see any evidence of a face which exploded. I am not arguing that she died. All accounts seem to indicate her death was from gunfire.

But the Flashpoints narrator tried to phrase Noran Deeb's death in the most shocking language possible. It looks to me like she exceeded the bounds of factual information with her inflammatory comment about a little 10 year-old girl's face exploding. The narrator also had to put it in the context of "this is what the IDF does all the time". Even when the doctor interviewed said that they were not certain in their report of who did the firing, the narrator forges on with a certainty that it was the IDF and even that it was an assasination.

She is wrong in this case. It appears the IDF had nothing to do with the shooting.

And she is wrong in her assertion that the IDF mindlessly shoots Palestinian children while they walk to school.

In the few cases which have gotten a lot of press coverage, such as the Chris Hedges article, Mohamed al-Dura, Iman al-Hams, and now Noran Deeb, NONE of them showed that the IDF is picking children off from guardtower posts with sharpshooters.


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